Monday, March 30, 2009

What's In Your DVR?

I thought I was going to talk about movies or TV tonight, but it turns out I don't have a whole lot to say about either. I thought the TNG episode of "Family Guy" was really funny, but then "American Dad" went and had one of it's funniest, most surreal episodes ever. My DVR is filling up - I need to watch a million and four things before I can record anything else. I dumped a movie tonight to make room (OK - so it's a movie I've seen before. It's still a movie).
I have the whole season of "Nip/Tuck" on there, saved for when most of my favs are off-air. I have my usuals (I'm backed up on "Heroes" and "Saving Grace" though finally caught up on "Damages"). I still have last week's "Grey's;" "Private Practice;" "CSI," and something else. I have last night's "Desperate Housewives." and tonight's "Castle." Ack! I'm a TV junkie! Thank goodness the JTMF show is going to take me out that for a bit!
So what's stored on your DVR ta ht you can't bear to get rid of? How about Netflix? Has there been a DVD sitting by your TV, that just haven't brought yourself to watch? This, by the way, is the reason I quit Netflix and went back to in-store renting. Drop me a line. You know I love it!
More, anon.

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Anonymous said...

the last season of Dexter. DH was a rerun, no new eps until 4/19.