Monday, March 30, 2009

For Scott & Steven...

And anyone else who enjoys an outrageous laugh. First, this video is possibly NSFW, though it features no actual sex or nudity or profanity. Second, I'm really sorry about the bizarre, farted (I swear to God) cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody." Turning the volume down does not diminish the video (and the music gets old, fast). Ladies and Germs, all the way from a Polish Fun Fair, the "Cock Cock Train:"

I suspect this was part of the town's Carnivale celebration before the start of Lent. It's also reminiscint of the holiday's pagan origins as a festival of cleansing and rebirth. On second thought, a giant peen spurting out fully-formed children doesn't really seem all that inappropriate. Or maybe I'm just a sniggering teen-ager at heart, as is every man I know, gay or straight.
I'll be back in a bit for another small post tonight. Just wanted to make sure I didn't forget to post that clip.


Stephen R. said...

I want one! I WANT ONE!!!!!

In and out, in and out, in and out... I'd never leave the house!!!! :)

Prospero said...

You're a very naughty boy, Mr. R. (but you knew that)

I've actually seen similar blow-ups at street fairs and Pride festivals' family area, but they usually have the not quite as hilarious effect of kids being pooped out by some cautsie, cartoon caterpiller.

This was a little more like
"Harvest Home" as co-directed by Roman Polanski and Chi-Chi LaRue.

Prospero said...

'cutsie,' not 'cautsie.'