Monday, March 23, 2009

Add These to the List

Damn! I missed a Sunday night post-date! Oh, well. The reading on Friday went better than it should have, considering some of the play's clunky, trite dialogue. There was a rather lively (and surprisingly lengthy) audience feedback session, which elicited some very positive responses, as well as some genuinely useful constructive criticism (though no one brought up what I like to call "The Mazola Factor"). The playwright seemed pleased with how it went and the director was thrilled. Personally, I think the play needs the help of an experienced dramaturg. So.
But that's not really what this post is about. This post is about two new films that have your Uncle Prospero chomping at the bit, both of them via.
The first, TiMER, appears to be a Sci-fi Rom-com. "Buffy" star, Emma Caulfield stars with Jobeth Williams (Poltergeist) in a tale about the future, where the meeting of your soul-mate can be monitored via an implanted timing device. The idea is, both of your timers will go off at the same time when you meet the person with whom you are destined to spend your life. See the intriguingly trailer here.
Then there is the astounding test footage from an End-of-the-World movie, What's in the Box? below. Those of you who couldn't deal with the hand-held film styles of movies like The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield may want to avoid watching this clip, but I think it's just about the best, continuous single POV sequence I've ever seen. Exciting, terrifying and enigmatic, What's in the Box? is right my alley. I suggest you watch the clip in Full Screen mode.

I, for one, am dying to know what happens next.

More, anon.

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