Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And so it begins...

Tonight was an important pre-production meeting for Paul Rudnick's The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, which means the JTMF benefit is about to fly into high gear. I started Caliban's Revenge after last year's event, so though I know I've mentioned the JTMF and what we do, I've never blogged a JTMF event for you guys. I have blogged it on the JTMF blog, which no one read. The problem was, since we only do one event a year (something we have been trying to change for a while), there isn't a whole lot to talk about when the event isn't in progress, which basically translates into a nine month stretch with absolutely nothing to say. Yawn. I'm working on changing that and am next off to create the JTMF Facebook page. You may notice smaller and eventually fewer posts as we get closer to June and production.
I want to leave you something fun, and you may have already seen it, but here's a trailer for Pandorum a movie that could be total cheese or nifty Sci-fi Horror in the tradition of Alien. Ah... who am I kidding. Colby Jack, all the way. It stars the still very hot Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, who played Angel in X:3 and Claire's bisexual boyfriend on HBO's Six Feet Under, so it has the potential to be either. German director Christian Alvart doesn't have many credits at all, and no others in the U.S. Writer Travis Milloy has only two previous writing credits for movies no one has ever seen. Hmmm.... OK - but will it be a pleasantly palatable cheese (a nice aged sharp cheddar) or something stinky and awful like Limburger? "Enquiring minds want to know..."
More, anon.


Stephen R. said...

I love THE MOST FABULOUS STORY EVER TOLD. I played Steve a few years ago. It was the first (and last) time I was naked on stage. It's actually kind of liberating. Once people stop staring at your junk. :)

Best of luck with the event!!! And let us know how those of us who are too far away to attend the event can donate to this great cause!

Prospero said...

See next post. BTW - I have two very attractive and exceptionally talented young actors playing Adam and Steve.

Did my own first and only on-stage nudity in the 1998 NJ premiere of "Love! Valour!...." (I played John, the nice-guy accountant), so I totally get it.

Stephen R. said...

I'll bet you were a brilliant John!! I wish I could have seen you in the production. For so many reasons. :)