Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sound of Silence

Sometimes, even someone as loquacious as I am, has nothing to say.

I've seen no new movies or TV shows this week; I haven't been to the theatre; no new superhero has tickled my fancy (how old fashioned a term is that?) and no news story has jumped out at me. There have been no new ultra-gay videos to share; no outrageous behaviors to report on; no music videos that made me lose my mind.

This weekend was spent painting (it looks like it's going to take 4 coats of the yellow in my kitchen - yikes!) and grocery shopping. I don't know about you, but grocery shopping always leaves me feel like I've been beaten with a sock full of nickels. Between the old folks who leave their carts anywhere they please (as if they were only people in the store), and the jerks who spend what seems like hours contemplating the minutest details of the Rice-A-Roni they are planning on serving, it's almost like a battle zone.

My only solace lies in the fact that that Sordid Lives has its first read-through on Tuesday. The first read-through of a play holds so much promise. In the case of a JTMF show, the first read-through is often an indicator of how successful the show will be. If the cast spends as much time laughing as they do reading, then we've hit our mark. And what a cast I have to work with, this year. Six of the funniest, most talented women I know; my Dear D; Doug, who seems to have become the JTMF go-to guy for comic drag; the talented and enigmatic Glen and two gentlemen who I don't know well (but will, soon). This is the kind of cast that makes a director so happy to be a director.

"Why, Uncle P, you've had such a non-eventful weekend!" Yes. Yes, I have. And sometimes that's a good thing. Life is about to get rather hectic for me, and you may see a noticeable decrees in the number of my posts. As always with any show with which I am involved, such is the case. I'll keep you updated on Sordid Lives as well as any movies, plays and new TV shows I come across. And you can always catch up on JTMF activity on our blog (which means yours truly now maintains three blogs - God help me!). And you should also watch for the first JTMF YouTube video soon. I'll be posting it here (along with the usual nonsense), soon.

And once again, for someone with nothing to say, I've managed to write far more than I thought I would, tonight. I suppose that's the trouble with actors and directors - we always have something to say, even when we think we don't.

Apropos of nothing, I'll leave you with this bit of 70's nostalgia from one of my childhood favorite Game Shows, The Match Game featuring the Flavor of the Decade, Ms. Betty White. Why? Because it made me laugh. And will hopefully do the same for you:

By the way, Q was the first non-Equity actress to play Emily Dickinson in The Belle of Amherst, which led to her Equity membership and the job she now holds as VP of a company which specializes in industrial films and live presentations for the pharmaceutical industry. If you didn't blink, you may have caught me in one of their vids.

Wow! For someone with nothing to say, I guess I said plenty.

More, anon.

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Stephen said...

Sometime I am just dry...& I think- what can I possibly come up with today for a post! You almost always come up with something & even your "boring" is interesting!