Monday, April 12, 2010

The Gayest Bears You'll See This Week

Just a quick caveat - this entire post may be NSFW. Don't say you weren't warned.

As a card-carrying, big ole hairy Gay Bear, I couldn't help but find the video below both entertaining and so very gay.

I can my hear my straight readers now: "What's a gay bear?" Normally, I'd say "Look it up, bitch!" But I'm feeling generous tonight. For those who are still completely clueless, you can read the rather superficial description at Wikipedia. But Bears are so much more than that. I, for one, usually hate plaid flannel and try to be as fashion-forward as possible. Sadly, the fashion industry for men seems to be right in line with the fashion industry for women in designing clothes for those who are either terminally thin or impossibly perfect. Personally, I'm much more comfortable in vertical stripes.

To your Uncle P, 'Bear Culture' seems all too caught up in creating a separatist group of gay men, rather than embracing the total LGBT community. Bears are stereotypically known for their predilection for plaid; leather; work boots and crew cuts. Indeed, there are even sub-groups within the Bear community. There are "Daddies," "Cubs," and even "Otters" (usually hairless young men who are attracted to older, hirsute guys ). There are Bear Clubs, Bear Bars and even Bear Campgrounds, where socially masculine gay men are free to express their sexuality without recrimination.

While the general (i.e. 'Straight') community may not understand why there are so many LGBT sub-communities (and don't even get me started on that subject), those of us who find ourselves, whether we want to or not, part of one of those sub-communities, and understand all too well. Everyone, no matter what his or her sexual orientation may be, longs to be both unique and socially accepted. If that means defining oneself by physicality, then so be it. Personally, I find myself attracted to all sorts or people; gay or straight; hirsute or smooth; buff or sporting 'a few extra pounds.' In the end, it shouldn't matter who or what we love, but only that we do.

All that having been said, please enjoy this NSFW music video from Pixie Herculon (via):

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