Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Film & Politics Before I Go Away

By now, you all know how I feel about Marriage Equality and Civil Rights. And while I am very angry with many of the hypocrites on Capital Hill, I'm also kind of torn by the newest documentary from Kirby Dick, Outrage.
Dick's 2006 documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated exposed the inner-workings of the MPAA's film rating system. Personally, I'm still very annoyed that the MPAA treats extreme violence with a lighter hand than they do sexual situations. To me, sex is an expression of love, while violence is an expression of hate. Doesn't it seem logical that one would be willing to expose people to love before exposing them to hate? I don't quite get the MPAA's Puritanical views.
No stranger to controversy, Dick has made films about sexual abuse in the Catholic church (A Twist of Faith); the Cult of Celebrity (Derrida) and Sideshow Performers (I Am Not a Freak).
In Outrage, Dick takes on the closeted gay Republicans who continue to vote anti-LGBT legislature while carrying on sexual dalliances with members of the same sex. And while I am all for exposing hypocrisy in all it's forms, I must admit that I am sensitive to those members of the LGBT community who wish to remain closeted, for reasons known only to them. Of course, when said closeted folks take political action which harms and denies rights to members of their own community, they probably deserve to be exposed. It's one thing to be a closeted gay celebrity (Jodie Foster, I'm talking to you), but quite another to be a closeted politician in a position to further Human Rights issues, but refusing to do so because it may make them appear to be somehow "less than."
Here (via) is the trailer for Outrage, due in theatres this summer:

So, what do you think? Should these jerks be exposed for the creeps they are? Or should we respect their right to privacy, and allow them to continue their hypocrisies? As always, I'd love to know your thoughts.
And just a reminder - I am going off the grid for nine days, starting Saturday. I'll be in warm, sunny Florida visiting with my sister and ignoring the rest of the world as much as I can.
More, anon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He DOES Own a Shirt!

Regular readers will remember this young man from two previous posts here and here. While researching the real topic of this evening's post, I came across the following video in which our young actor appears actually rather sane, and wears a shirt:

But who I really want to talk about tonight is Amy Walker, an actress, singer and teacher with some truly remarkable talent. Here she is singing "Over the Rainbow" as Judy Garland through the ages. It's truly amazing:

And here she is singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid:

Oh, how she makes me want to direct her. Amy's first big YouTube video was "21 Accents in a Row," in which she proceeds to demonstrate exactly what is advertised. You can see more of her work here. Amy, please come act for me!

More, anon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Gayest Thing(s) You'll See This Week

First, a word about last night's first read-through for the JTMF production of Paul Rudnick's The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told. In a word: brilliant. Rarely have I seen a cast so instantly 'get' a play. They laughed at every joke; they teared up at every poignant moment and they applauded when it was all done. For a director, a first read like this is almost as good as sex. Afterwards, most of us headed out to the local spot for a few drinks and bonded. This is going to be one hell of a show, folks. I only wish all of you could see it.
Is it possible to fall in love with nine people all at the same time? The answer (at least for this director) is a resounding "Yes!" We're planning on inviting the author to attend. I hope he does, because I think he'd be as thrilled with this cast as I am.
Next, several members of the Israeli Army got together and made his video for the Samwell song "What What (In the Butt)." It's both hilarious and a little sexy, though I don't get why they pixellated fully-clothed men simulating sex.
And finally, here's a trailer for Humpday, director Lynn Shelton's story about two straight friends who decide to make a gay porn film.
So tell me, if you were in desperate need of money (ala Kevin Smith's Zack and Miri Make a Porno), would you? I know that if I had the body for it, I'd be out there getting paid to have sex. Is there someone you'd be willing to make a porno with? Or maybe you've made your own private videos... What would you do if they were leaked on line, like Paris Hilton, Rob Lowe and Pamela Anderson (none of whom seem to have suffered because of it)? Would you get your kink on for the camera?
BTW, both of the above clips are via Towleroad.
More, anon.

Stop Scaring Us!

A quick post this evening - well, morning (another will follow later).
I got home from work and before I left for the first read-through of "The Most Fabulous Story..." I turned on the news, hoping to catch a weather report. What I got was 8 minutes of fear-mongering about Swine Flu. Please! Now, I know that news programs are all about ratings. And fear = ratings, I suppose. But seriously. You might think we're in the midst of a Stephen King novel.
Stop it, Media! We all have enough to worry about, what with the economy, global warming and religious extremist terrorists. Now you have to add the flu? No wonder I hate you!
Wash your hands.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shut up, Rose!

I know this is just another gay blog posting yet another tribute to the late, great Bea Arthur, but indulge me.

My first encounter with Ms. Arthur was on the Original Cast Recording of Fiddler on the Roof. She played Yenta, and she was amazing. And I'm not sure which came first (though with a little digging on IMDb, I'm sure I could find out), but I remember her turn as Vera in the almost awful 1974 film version of Mame with Lucille Ball. She cracked me up. "God, that moon is bright!"

And then there's "Maude." A loud-mouthed liberal grand-dame of Long Island, Maude addressed pot, birth control, abortion and any number of very controversial subjects in the 70's. I don't think I ever missed an episode of this hilarious "All in the Family" spin-off.

Of course, she will probably be best be remembered as Dorothy on "The Golden Girls." Dorothy was the smart one, caring for her post-stroke mother Sophia (the late Estelle Getty), her addled best friend, Rose (the amazingly funny Betty White) and the slutty cougar, Blanche ("Maude" alumnus, Rue McClanahan) in the Florida home they shared. More recently she appeared as a befuddled baby sitter on "Malcolm in the Middle", voiced the Femputer on Matt Groening's brilliant "Futurama" and played Larry David's mother on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Her performance credits go all the way back to a 1959 appearance on "The George Gobel Show." One could only wish for such an expansive career.

Here then, is the best clip I could find that expresses how I feel tonight. What'll we do, indeed?

Rest in Peace, Bea. You will be missed.

More, anon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Every May, I spend the first week of the month visiting my sister in Florida. She lives in a rather pleasant suburb of Tampa, just north of Clearwater. The weather is usually perfect, and she and I get to be very silly together. My mother comes, too and she and my brother-in-law (God bless him), just sigh at our behavior, knowing they will never be able to understand the 'secret language' my sister and I share. Now, we aren't twins. In fact, we're six years apart (I'm older). We just grew up (as many of you did) in a dysfunctional family, and we coped by relying on each other for comfort and escape. One of us can say a single word and instantly have the other writhing on the floor in hysterical gales of laughter, leaving bystanders completely mystified as to what on Earth could be so funny.
It's always been this way. To do this day, there is no one I'd rather go to movies with, because I know she appreciates film in the same way I do. We both love the same kinds of movies and saw many of our favorites (Raiders of the Lost Ark; Poltergeist; Big Trouble in Little China - shut up - Gremlins; Pee-Wee's Big Adventure; Beetlejuice; Batman and countless others) together. We can both quote obscure Warner Brothers cartoons and even more obscure episodes of The Little Rascals. We both thought Pee Wee Herman and Emo Phillips were hilarious and we both love carnivals, fairs and theme parks (though she's a bit of a wuss when it comes to roller coasters and other thrill rides).
Oh, our childhoods were far from perfect. We often fought like cats and dogs. Like a good big brother should, I often tortured the hell out of her. And like a good little sister should, she often tortured me back and got away with it because she was 'the baby.'
She's a self-professed 'Disney Dork,' while I'd rather spend my time at Universal Studios. She's a self-proclaimed "Liberal Christian," while I consider myself a Secular Humanist. She's straight and I'm.... well, not. She hates kids and I love them (our poor mother will never have grandchildren and has long ago resigned herself to settling for 'grand-pets'). We both love animals (cats in particular) and neither of us suffer fools lightly. She's the only person I know who is actually more opionated than I am (can you imagine?) and she is never afraid to admit it. She's a complete "Type A" and I am a complete "Type B." Somehow, we meet in the middle. It's truly a sight to behold. But don't you dare try to get between us - we will eff you up, biatch!
We email and Facebook each other constantly and our mutual friends are equally astonished, disoriented and puzzled by the things we share with one another. We are night and day; yin and yang; Abbott and Costello. We still ocasionally (and sometimes vehemently) disagree, but we know that we are (and always will be) there for each other, no mater what.
So, I leave next Saturday to spend nine days with her, our mother and my brother-in-law. It is a vacation I need, desperately. And a chance to spend time with the one person who understands me more than anyone else in the entire world. And as of right now, I am officially counting the days...
More, anon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

H.G. Lewis Would be Proud

Who is H.G. Lewis, you ask? Why, he's the mad genius behind the 60's and early 70's drive-in splatter movies such as Blood Feast, The Gore Gore Girls, 2000 Maniacs, and the gem featured in the clip below, The Wizard of Gore. Herschell Gordon Lewis was a cottage industry unto himself, producing cheap, low quality horror for the Southern Drive-In Theatre market. His movies are terrible, bordering on unwatchable, though they have an hilarious charm all their own. And if it wasn't for him and his mannequins dipped in red paint and covered in porcine offal, we wouldn't have movies like Hostel or Saw, today (though I'm sure some folks think that's not really a bad thing...).
Anyway, Lewis' movies paved the way for folks like George Romero, Tom Savini and Sam Raimi, all of whom pushed the envelope when it came to realistic splatter FX and gore in film. I was much too young to see Lewis' films in their original theatrical runs, but thanks to the VHS boom of the 80's, I did get to see most of them. In fact, watching Wizard of Gore is one of the few times I can remember my sister actually swearing (the other involves sitting in the back on the Pirate Ship ride at Six Flags, but that's another story for another post). "What the hell are we watching?!" she asked, astonished by the crapulance unfolding before us. Take a look for yourself:

Wasn't that just terrible?
Well, fear not. Lewis' tradition of awful acting, insanely inane plots and Z-grade FX lives on in modern Japan. Ladies and Germs, I give you the trailer for (I'm not kidding) Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl:

Deplorable (and effing hilarious!). There are so many gloriously ridiculous things in the trailer alone, I lost count. The bolts in Frankenstein Girl's face; the Wrist-Cutters Convention; the cigarette fiend teacher; the skull popping out of someone's head; the face chewing... it's almost too much to handle! The movie was apparently made by the same folks who gave us Tokyo Gore Police:

And The Machine Girl:

Drill bra?! Good Lord! Deliciously dreadful and hilariously over-the-top, these movies are now on my "Must See" list. I can only hope that they are as good (or better) than Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter (of which I am the proud owner of a DVD copy - I got it as a gift from my Secret Santa at work a few years ago).
So, does anyone know where I can score copies of these gems? I'd kick a baby to see them (no, not really- it's just an expression. Chill, okay?).
More, anon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dispelling the Lies

Regular readers already know how I feel about Prop 8 and the Marriage Equality issue. Why, in a country where Constitutionally "all men are created equal," do we still have legalized discrimination? Why is my love less valid than anyone else's? Ignorance breeds fear, folks. Plain and simple.
You've all seen the NOM (National Organization for Marriage) video "The Gathering Storm." I've posted it, along with several parodies of it. It's a vile, disgusting little video filled with lies voiced by "actors" who claim to be people who have been or will be hurt by the legalization of same sex marriage (I'd venture to guess that these "actors" will never work professionally, again).
Recently, New York Governor David Paterson introduced a bill that would legalize same sex marriage in the Empire State. The Empire State Pride Agenda has made their own video, disputing and dispelling the lies that the NOM espouses in "The Gathering Storm." Same sex marriage has been legal in the state of Massachusetts for five years. The world has not ended, straight marriages have not been destroyed and families have not been torn asunder. No church has been forced to perform marriages with which they do not agree.
Via Towleroad, comes this video, featuring three Massachusetts clergy who make it clear that the NOM video is a pack of lies:

Once again, I urge you to write to your elected officials and demand that members of the LGBT community be treated as equal citizens. Share this video with them (and your friends and families). As Spike Lee says, Do the Right Thing.
40 years ago, Bob Dylan sang about how "The times they are a-changing." They are still changing, as they always will. Someday, this issue will no longer be an issue. Until then, we must make our voices heard. Until we are all treated as equals, none of us will be.
I know, I know. I keep promising to get off my high horse. But somehow, I just can't do it. Not until true justice is served and everyone in this country shares the same basic human rights. And neither should you.
More nonsense, anon.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Gayest Thing(s) You'll See This Week

"Britain's Got Talent" may have Susan Boyle and that 12 year-old R&B singer, but "Sweden's Got Talent" has naked boys doin' it "In Da Butt." Via D-Listed comes this delightful little video (possibly NSFW) of "Naked Boys Dancing":

That vid makes me wish I either spoke Swedish or that the producers had provided subtitles. I'd love to know what the judges are saying.
And speaking of speaking Swedish, I just saw Let the Right One In again on DVD. All I can say is, I sincerely hope the American re-make doesn't f**k it up. A truly brilliant film, made all the creepier by it's quietness.
And speaking of American re-makes, I also saw Quarantine this weekend, the American version of the Spanish horror flick, Rec. I really enjoyed it (especially seeing Hostel hottie Jay Hernandez - why isn't he a bigger star? - and Steve Harris from "The Practice"). Towards the end, it reminded me of going through one of those Halloween haunted houses, where you never know what's going to pop up around the corner. Intense and quite plausible, Quarantine is a fascinating take on the zombie genre and a truly well-made hand-held, first-person perspective horror movie.
Finally tonight, via Towleroad comes this super slo-mo sports video posted by Andrew Sullivan on The Atlantic. Sullivan calls it "Mormon Porn." Enjoy:

I-Movix SprintCam v3 NAB 2009 showreel from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

More, anon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Last NOM Response

I had a very LGBT weekend. Friday, I attended a performance of Tony Kushner's Angels in America: Millenium Approaches. Saturday, I spent most of the day casting the JTMF production of Paul Rudnick's The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told. I'm almost spent, but still have enough energy to share these videos with you.

Via Towleroad, this hilarious response to the NOM's ridiculous "Gathering Storm;"

And also via Towleroad, this terrific video for the Swedish pop group Adrian Lux's latest single, "Can't Sleep:"

I am very tired... I'll be reviewing a few DVDs soon. Stick with me, folks. My annual Spring Madness (i.e. The JTMF Event and my visit to Sis in FL) is about to commence, so posts may be a bit sporadic from now until July.

More, anon.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told" Is Fully Cast

Auditions were finally held today, and I was able to fill every open role. And while I had precast three of my four leads (Adam, Steve and Mabel) and one of the multi-character supporting players, I had a pretty good idea that I was going to use three of the folks who had scheduled audition appointments. Thankfully, all three of them showed up and were consequently cast. That left two roles open and perhaps a dozen actors from which to choose. The first four people I saw immediately got "No" written at the bottom of their audition forms. I was almost discouraged. Then the next two were also "No's." I was really starting to worry. Then, suddenly, I had an abundance of riches and after careful consideration, was finally able to assemble a complete cast.

I'm very excited. For the first time in a long time, returning actors are out-numbered by actors who are completely new to the JTMF, two of whom are completely new to me. Only Adam (my dear D) and Jane have done a JTMF show before (this is D's 4th), though I have worked with three new members in other companies and seen two others in enough other shows to know I wanted them to be a part of this one. One is one of my best friends in the whole world (my rock, K) and I am so glad to be able to finally include her in a JTMF cast. The full cast list will soon be available at http://www.jtmf/.
I'll soon be posting rehearsal photos and rehearsal updates. Our first read-through is a week from Monday! The start of a new show (as I am sure you can tell) is always so invigorating for me. I can't wait to dive in and get going!
More, anon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here's an image you'll see more than once between now and June 19th. It's the gorgeous poster our brilliant graphic designer has come up with for the 7th Annual JTMF AIDS Benefit Event, featuring Paul Rudnick's The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told. I just love the two nekkid primitive guys holding an apple - it says everything you need to know about a play that's about 'Adam and Steve.'
Auditions are this Saturday and it looks like all of the appointment slots have been filled which, as a director, thrills me to no end. I know plenty of the folks on the list, though many names are new to me. I love discovering new talent.
Of course, my dear D has already been cast (and I have a good idea about several other actors). A JTMF show is unlike most others. We try and use our "regulars" as much as possible, though there aren't always roles for all of them in whatever show we happen to be doing in a particular year. Last year's show, What the Butler Saw was entirely pre-cast, and that's simply because I knew what I wanted from the show and knew the actors who would give me what I wanted. You see the same trend in films - directors love working with actors who "get" them. An established relationship with an actor can make a director's job so much easier; they know what to expect from me, and I know what I can get out of them. It's almost symbiotic.
That doesn't mean I'm not open to using new folks. In last fall's Shakespeare '70 production of The Skin of Our Teeth, I pre-cast three out of about 30 roles and held open auditions for the rest. Which worked out quite nicely, despite having to replace one actress with another (who ended up doing a magnificent job).
They (whoever "they" are) say that 90% of directing is casting. If that's true, then most of my work will be done by Saturday evening.
As with Skin of Our Teeth, I'll be blogging our progress throughout the production. I'll be posting rehearsal and publicity photos, as well as my thoughts about the process (along with my usual mix of movies, TV, politics and other mayhem). As always, your thoughts and comments are most welcome. I love it when you tell me what you think.
More, anon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Gayest Thing You'll See This Week

Oh man. I seriously love whoever wrote this MSNBC piece about today's tea-bag tax protest. Obviously, the right-wing nutjobs who organized the whole thing had no idea what the term "tea-bagging" refers to (and if you don't know, you have no business reading this blog - or we need to have a serious conversation...). Anyway, watch the clip (thanks to my friend and fellow blogger, Steven Rader) and then tell me what you think they're really talking about, here:

The sexual innuendos just don't stop. They're going to take a "licking" and a "tongue lashing." "In a nutshell" the "Teabag Mouthpieces" will get "firm support," even though they are somewhat "tight-lipped" about their "personal taste of tea-bagging." They're even going to need a "Dick Army." OMG! My sides hurt. There's got to be a whole "sackful" of double entendres in that newscast! Please, someone call John Waters, ASAP!

More, anon.

A Very Late Night Post

I had hoped to get this up before midnight, but a million and four things kept me from it...
Anyway, please allow me yet another rant on Marriage Equality and watch the videos below. They are both funny, poignant and informative., while exposing the lies the "Religious Right" continues to propagate in their campaign of fear against LGBT people.
First, here's a very funny parody of the recent NOM "Gathering Storm" ad:

Next, a clip of the always on target Rachel Maddow, about how her commentary on the NOM ad was removed from YouTube for "copyright violations."
Priceless, as the MasterCard ads say.
Speak up. Write letters to your Congressmen and women. Vote for candidates who support LGBT issues and let the fear-mongers know we aren't afraid of them.
OK - more nonsense and silliness, soon - I just rented a bunch of DVDs, which I will be reviewing soon - I promise.
PS - If you haven't read my "Hear Something Wonderful" post and watched the amazing video, please make sure you do. It's truly a remarkable and moving piece.
More, anon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

...and the Rain in My Shoes...

Ever get a song stuck in your head for no discernible reason? I HATE that. Right now it's "Kentucky Rain," by the King, himself. Don't know why this is. I haven't heard the song recently. I haven't seen an Elvis movie (not that I would) recently. It's just there, like a malignant growth, repeating its repulsive Eddie Money-written chorus over and over until I want to scream... "Kentucky rain keeps pourin' down..." Arrrgh!

My weekend was good. Saturday night, I had a terrific Chinese feast with dear friends, followed by an outstanding production of Jeffrey Hatcher's hilarious play, "Smash" at my Alma Mater. The student cast was exceptionally good and the director (my oldest and dearest friend) just completely got the play, and translated her understanding of it so well in the production. Sunday, of course, was Easter. I spent most of the day lazing on the sofa and catching up on TV that I'd DVR'ed over the week. I had dinner with Mom (a small turkey breast with roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes with gravy) and then an evening working on my latest screenplay and getting the USPS to stop my mail delivery while I'm away next month. Nothing particularly exciting. And nothing to post about really, which is why you are reading this rather mundane post, now.


I suppose I should leave you with something to watch besides that English lady with the amazing voice and the unibrow... And if I have to suffer, then so do you (though I'm not quite sure why - I'm just in that kind of mood, I guess).

More, anon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Other Obsession

Speaking of the Circus... I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before, but ever since the early 90's I have been absolutely obsessed with the Cirque du Soleil.
Yes, we all know the circus traditions, dating back almost as far as medievel times and (until recently) culminating with the so-called "Greatest Show on Earth." But Cirque du Soleil is something quite different. It is in fact, Circus as Theatre. Founded by a group of hippie street performers in the early 80's, Cirque du Soliel transcends traditional circus (and refuses to use animals), creating something unique and exhilirating. Combining acrobatics, contortion and daring stunts with astonishing and ecclectic music, this French-Canadian company has established itself as THE 21st Century Circus. With touring shows around the world as well as permanent shows in Orlando, Biloxi and Las Vegas, they are one of the most influential and original performance companies in the world. If you aren't familiar with their work, I invite you to watch the videos embedded below. Thrilling, daring, beautiful and awesome, I haven't missed a show since Saltimbanco, their first major North American tour. Simply Stunning.
First, here's a clip from Allegria, their second major tour:


Next, here is their first permanent Las Vegas show, Mystere:

Then came their next permanent show, O, at the Bellagio, which built a special water theatre just for them:
Then came La Nouba, a permanent show at Disney Village in Orlando, Florida:
Then came their most ambitious show, Ka, a Russian-inspired Vegas show which featured their first ever full orchestra and choir:
Another Vegas show soon followed. Zumanity is aimed at Sin City's adult audiences and explores the circus that is human sexuality:

And for one of their more recent Vegas shows, they collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and George Martin to create Love, a tribute to the Beatles:
Cirque du Soleil continues to create new and amazing experiences - I saw Kooza last year and am looking forward to Ovo (an apparently insect-inspired show) and Jukari on tour soon, as well a new Vegas show featuring illusionist Criss Angel, Believe. If you've never experienced them live, make it a point to do so. I promise you will be awed, inspired and completely entertained.
By the way, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I would run away and join this circus at the drop of a hat. I just want to sit and watch them mesmorize again and again. If you can, watch these clips in Full Screen. And Ill be posting about their films, soon.
More, anon.

Lost Arts

Briefly mentioned in Jurassic Park, the Flea Circus is mostly a thing of the past. Dark Roasted Blend recently featured a fabulous post about this lost art which was sometimes real, but more often a bit chicanery.

Trained fleas would be put on display, along with a variety of tiny props, giving the illusion that they (the fleas) were willingly participating in any number of "Circus" acts. In all honesty, they were merely displaying typical flea behaviors, while tethered to miniature wagons, swings, chariots and other paraphernalia. And more often than not, there were no fleas at all; merely mechanical and/or magnetic devices controlled from afar. I like to think of it as "Micro-Theatre" and like the long lost Coney island attractions of the early 20th Century, sorely wish I could have seen them in their heyday. Now I'm all itchy...

Not to be outdone, the good folks over at have posted a fascinating look at a matchstick sculpture of J.R.R. Tolkien's "City of Kings," Minas Tirith, built by someone who obviously has way too much time on his hands. Check out this picture below and then click the link to see the work in progress. Impressive, geeky and very cool.

Personally, I would never have the patience (or skill) to pull of something so massive and detailed. Though the Fantasy/Sci-fi geek in me has to admit to loving it a lot. Kudos to matchstick sculptor Patrick Acton, whose models include matchstick recreations of the USS Iowa; the Spaceshuttle Challenger; the U.S. Capitol and the Titanic, all of which can be seen at his Matchstick Museum in Gladbrook, Iowa. Acton's models can also be seen in Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museums around the world.

Hear Something Wonderful, etc.

Lots to talk about tonight, so this will be a multi-post kind of night. First, a co-worker sent me a link to this video last week. The sound on my work computer is terrible, so I forwarded it to my home email account and just got around to watching it. Much to my chagrin, I'm sorry I didn't watch it before, because it is truly a moving piece.
Playing for Change is an organization that wants to promote world peace through music (something which I whole-heartedly endorse). Below is the video for their version of the Sam Cooke classic, "Stand By Me," as performed by street musicians all over the world. Somehow, they got these folks to to do the song in the same key and tempo, and then edited the performances together into this amazing vid. It actually gave me chills. Please enjoy (and click the link to learn more about Playing for Change).

Honestly, how can one not be moved by that?

Funny NOM Response

I hope this works. Here's a very funny remix of the outrageous NOM video I posted last night:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Biggest Lie You'll See This Week

Regular readers know I'm preaching to the choir, as it were, but it's my hope that the more people who read this and see these clips, the more allies we'll have when it counts. First, here is a lie-filled video from the "National Organization for Marriage," featuring actors (please!) making a case against same-sex marriage:

Does the NOM know anything about actors? And do these "actors" know anything about the business in which they hope to again be employed? I know I'd never cast a single one of them in any project I might direct.
Anyway, here are two heartfelt responses to that load of BS. First, Sean Chapin makes a plea for sanity:

And next, posted this response:

I urge you to share these clips with as many people as you know (and more). Tell the truth. Stop the lies, and (to borrow a phrase from Al Franken) the lying liars who tell them.

More, anon,

I Told You So

Quickly, via BoingBoing, comes this cautionary tale of zombies among us (somehow I always knew it would start in the Big Easy):

The Next Gayest Thing you'll See This Week

Via DListed comes this video clip about Scotland's "Male Barbie." He's sort of pretty (though I could do without the lip piercings), but completely insane. If I saw him in a club, I know I'd do my best to avoid him. Does the phrase "Get over yourself" mean anything?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Important Film

Documentary filmmaker Ky Dickens has created an important and relevant film in Fish Out of Water, an examination of homosexuality and religious views on the topic. Via Towleroad, comes this trailer for a film that will make many on the religious left angry, but will hopefully open the eyes of some who are on the fence.

More, anon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Gayest Thing You'll See This Week

Okay - I have a question. Why do these people always seem to do this in their bathrooms, wearing as little as possible? Trust me, the last place I'd be recording myself is my bathroom - it's just too small. And the last thing I'd be recording myself doing, is bad lip-sync while wearing a towel. At any rate, here's the latest semi-naked bathroom karaoke video: Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hook Up" (via).

Something tells me this boy definitely does hook up. Or at least he has. He's cute enough, though a little skinny for my taste. And I love how he moves in for a close-up every time his towel needs adjusting. Now if I could only convince my dear D to make one of these... Oh, wait. He's going to be naked in the play I'm about to direct. Never mind.
More, anon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

SNL Goes Gay Again (Almost)

The actual show is still saved in my DVR, waiting for me to watch it, but I came across a clip from this past Saturday's "Saturday Night Live" and had to share, especially since the brainless actioner Fast and Furious broke all kinds of Box Office records this past weekend. Plus, I've always thought Seth Rogan was a cute, cuddly bear.
Here is (via) "The Fast and the Bi-Curious"

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mutants and Gay Zombies

io9 just keeps crankin' out the best in horror and sci-fi news.

First, here's the trailer for a French horror/sci-fi movie from director David Morlet, simply titled Mutants:


Pretty scary, eh? And next, a film that may raise LGBT Horror to a whole new level: Zombies of Mass Destruction:

You gotta love the line "Don't shoot! I'm gay!"

I just have to ask myself, with the increasing popularity of zombie flicks, why is no one biting at my four-star rated* screenplay, Army of the Dead? It just seems so unfair!

*Visit to read it (a little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone, did it?).

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This is how the Zombie Plague starts (via).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

DVD Review: "Quantum of Solace"

Wow! It's been so long since I've rented a movie, I almost forgot how to work my DVD player!

When it was announced that British character actor Daniel Craig was going to be the new James Bond in 2006's Casino Royale, there was a furor among Bond fans like no other. I even found myself among the non-believers. How could this short, blond, sour-faced guy be the suave MI6 spy so many of us had come to love? But the film turned out to be absolutely terrific and Craig proved the nay-sayers (myself included) wrong.
Now comes the next Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, the first ever direct sequel in the Bond series. You may remember that at the end of Casino Royale, Bond's true love, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) was killed, though it was made to look like a suicide. Quantum picks up almost immediately where Casino left off, with Bond seeking revenge for Vesper's death. Turns out that Casino's villain, Le Chiffre, was laundering money for a secret organization with ties so deep, they literally have people everywhere, including MI6. Even M (Judy Dench) isn't safe, as her personal bodyguard of the last six years turns out to be a member of the secret cabal. So, Bond is off to Haiti, where he encounters Camille (Olga Kuryenko), who turns out to be a Bolivian Secret Service agent, seeking her own revenge on the sadistic general who murdered her parents when she was a child. Camille has hooked up with one Dominic Greene (Mathieu Almaric), a supposed environmentalist who is secretly diverting Bolivia's water supply in order to create a monopoly for his company. The plot gets too tangled to go much further, and to be honest, I'm still not sure what the secret organization (apparently called "Quantum") is, who they are or what they want. Though I suppose (and hope) that will be explored in the next film.
But, as with most Bond films, plot is secondary to action, and there is plenty of that to go around. Starting with a heart-pounding car chase through the Italian countryside and moving on to a roof-top foot chase, the action sequences are everything we've come to expect from a Bond film. There is plenty of gun play, hand-to-hand combat and even an aerial chase between a clunky old plane and a jet-fighter.
Director Marc Forster (Finding Neverland; The Kite Runner and the up-coming World War Z) handles the action well, and the script by Paul Haggis (Crash) and Neal Purvis (The World is Not Enough; Die Another Day) makes as much sense as any Bond flick, though it ends leaving more questions than it answers. Craig is terrific, baring less of his magnificent body than he did in Casino Royale, though looking worse-for-the-wear after many fight sequences and bringing a darkness to the role that previous actors may have overlooked (his Bond is more Bourne and less Brosnan). Kuryenko is fine in her 'Bond Girl' capacity, though I still miss Halle Berry's Jinx. A few other fine actors waste their time here: Dame Judy Dench, Giancarlo Giannini and Jeffrey Wright reprise their roles from Casino Royale, though I also missed Q (MI6's gadget genius), most recently played by the incomparable John Cleese. There are a few one-liners that will bring a laugh and the Bond tradition of ridiculously-named women continues with Strawberry Fields (oh, Pussy Galore, where are you?). There's even an homage to Goldfinger.
If you're a fan of the Bond series (I have been since I can remember) or a fan of outrageous action and stunt work, you'll most likely enjoy Quantum of Solace (probably the worst titled Bond film, ever). But to be honest, give me Dr. No or Goldfinger over any of the more recent Bond movies, any day. There's just something about Sean Connery's Bond that makes me weak at the knees. *** (Three out of Four Stars).

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Friday, April 3, 2009

More Trailer Trash

The folks over at TrailerTrasher have listed what they think are the 10 Funniest Trailer Mash-Ups ever. Most of their choices are good, but I have to say there are some mighty funny trailer re-mixes out there. And since I recently brought up the topic myself with my list of parodies of the 300 trailer, I thought I'd chime in with my own list of 10. Not all of the trailers on my list are actual mash-ups. Some are outright parodies. All of them however, are very, very funny.
So here, in no particular order, are my pics for the 10 Most Hilarious Trailer Parodies on the web.
First, let's get two obvious ones out of the way.
Try watching Brokeback to the Future without crying:

And we can't ignore The Empire Brokeback
And I think I embedded this once before in a zombie post, but here again is A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead:
Classic musicals are hardly immune. Please enjoy this trailer for that scary, scary movie, The Fiddler:
Anyone for an Epic Teen Comedy? Try 10 Things I Hate About Commandments:
Or perhaps you prefer the hard-boiled graphic novel epic fantasy Lord of Sin City:

Stop-motion "Claymation" Horror more to your taste? Here's Saw 3: Curse of the Were-Rabbit:
The ultimate super-hero movie? Why that would have to be The Incredible Iron Watchmen of the Dark Knight:
I know I loves me some mindless, musclebound horror. Ramboween anyone?
And finally, what may well be my favorite of all, simply because I hate them both, here is Napoleon Twilight:
I only hope you enjoyed those as much as I did.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Gayest Sci-Fi You'll See This Week

Hope everyone has recovered from April Fool's Day. Glad to see at least one of you got the joke (Sean, will you marry me?). Anyway, lots to talk about tonight, especially on upcoming movies. But first, I thought I'd start with something nearly as old as I am. This clip has been on a couple of sites today (I first caught it on BoingBoing), but it was too deliciously silly not to share. Here is a scene from a German Sci-Fi show from the 60's. The scene is apparently set in a club in the future. Forget about what's happening in the foreground (it's all in German, anyway) and watch the dancers:

Is it me, or does this look like Twyla Tharp's mother got together with the creator of 'The Chicken Dance' to choreograph this scene? Seriously - WTF!?!

Now, on to what may well be the most intriguing film since Cloverfield; District 9. There are folks out there in cyberland who believe District 9 is just a cover for Peter Jackson's Halo, but judging from this clip from South African director Neill Blomkamp's short Alive in Joburg, I think otherwise. District 9 is apparently about an alien ship forced to land in Johannesburg, where the aliens are immediately sent to concentration camps and treated as badly as we seem to treat our own prisoners of war. Blomkamp served as a 3D animator on several Sci-Fi series, including "SG1," "Dark Angel" and "Smallville" and wrote and directed this District 9 'prequel' (I'm using the term very loosely here), Alive in Joburg. See for yourself:

Exciting time to be a Sci-Fi fan, don't you think? I, for one, am chomping at the bit to see District 9, which according to IMDb, has a scheduled release date sometime this year. And thanks to i09 for the link.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sorry - don't have a whole lot of time to write just now. I have been invited to come to Nepal and study Kung Fu in a monastery with a Shoalin master. I'll be gone for several years and will be giving up almost all of my material possessions, so you'll probably never hear from me again...

So, I guess this is it. Bye! It's been fun! Love ya!

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Prospero (Lipao Lorf!)