Monday, April 19, 2010

Cannibalism and The Gayest Thing You'll Ever See?

Your Uncle P is not exactly a young man. I've been some very interesting places and I've seen some very interesting things and met some very interesting people. And I've been some really, really gay places and met some really, really gay people and seen some really, really gay things. But in all my years; in all the places I've been; of all the people I've met and all the things I've seen, the image to your right is undoubtedly the single gayest image you and I will ever see.* Think about it.

Here's this half-naked muscle cub, sneering at us in a see-through plastic and feather unicorn costume. Perhaps (like the title character in in Virginia Woolf's Orlando or Gregor Samsa), Lisa Frank woke up one morning to find herself transformed into the 33 year-old art director of a gay greeting card company. Most likely, there are just some really odd folks out there, gay and straight - and any and everything in-between - who churn out all sorts of fetish-related images. Though how someone knows there is such a fetish as gay unicorn housekeepers, is beyond my ken.

I found the image at HomoShame, of course.

And now on to the promised Cannibalism, shall we? Well, that may be a bit of a Weekly World News kind of tease, because this is really a story posted all over (but I saw it first here), about a typo in a cook book in Australia, in which one recipe listed "salt and freshly ground black people" as ingredients. The publisher recalled existing stock and offered replacement copies, but no one took them up on the offer (I know I sure wouldn't).

Now, before I say what I have to say about this incident, trust me when I tell you no one is more committed to equality for everyone, everywhere, than I am. But if you are so sensitive that an obvious typo (which appears only once among dozens of recipes in which "pepper" is spelled correctly) rattles your chains, you need to get a life. People in Islamic countries are being executed for being gay (that, and for witchcraft). Millions die every day from AIDS, while millions more are infected, every day. True suffering and oppression is all around us, and you have nothing better to do than complain about a typo in a cookbook which only sold 5000 copies? I hate whoever made this an issue, and you should, too. If you can't laugh at something like this, you're taking life way too seriously. Might I suggest celebrating tomorrow's date in the traditional manner? You'll feel ever so much better.

And if that doesn't work, then here's a trailer for a movie which will no doubt foment anti-science creationists while exciting Sci-Fi nerds all over; the Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley monster flick, Splice:

No idea what that has to do with anything else here, tonight, but I've been reading about this movie for a while and am excited to see that it finally has a release date.

More, anon.

*In case you're wondering, str8t readers, this image is actually way gayer than gay pron, because half those boys are gay4pay with habits... er, uh... I mean... uh, families to support. It's even gayer, in fact, than my friend Doug's twirling (and trust me, that's pretty damned gay).

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I saw this over on Java Junkie and thought you'd like it.

French Zombie Clown but no dialogue.