Thursday, April 8, 2010

Re-Inventing the Superhero

When I was a kid, Superheroes usually had Superpowers (Batman not withstanding). They were either aliens like Superman or the result of some strange radioactive accident like Spider-Man. Upon discovering their powers, they soon found themselves on the right side of the law, using said powers for the betterment of Mankind (i.e. kicking the butts of Super-villains).

Of course, Alan Moore changed the rules in the 80's with Watchmen. Sure, Dr. Manhattan's powers were the result of a radioactive accident, but the rest of them were just ordinary folks taking up the cause of Peace, Justice and the American Way. Most of the Watchmen didn't have X-Ray vision, super strength or the ability to fly. They simply relied on their own intelligence and training to get the bad guys.

In 2008, writer Mark Millar and illustrator John Romita, Jr. created Marvel's Kick-Ass, a teen-aged superhero who trained himself to fight villains and criminals, much like Batman. But Kick-Ass is a product of the New Millennium. His acts of heroism are displayed on YouTube and his services can be acquired by contacting him on his MySpace page.

Next week, Lionsgate and Marvel Films will release the movie version of Kick-Ass and I for one, cannot wait. The NSFW trailer is posted below, and the advance buzz is off the charts, despite the presence of Nicholas Cage as 'Big Daddy.' Director Matthew Vaughn made one of my all-time favorite Fantasy films (the extremely underrated and under-seen Stardust) and I have high hopes for his take on the adventures of Kick-Ass, Hitgirl and Red Mist.

Sure, Iron Man 2 will dominate the summer box-office, but I imagine Kick-Ass will probably be a whole lot more fun.

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