Friday, April 2, 2010

The Gayest Things You'll See This Week

A mixed bag of gay stuff tonight...

That's Bradley Cooper as 'Faceman' in the The A-Team movie. Dirk Benedict, star of the original "Battleship Galactica" and the ridiculous 1973 Sci-Fi movie Sssssss , played the role on the 80's TV show (which I am quite proud to say I have never seen). The show also starred the late George Peppard, Dwight Schultz and Mr. T. From what I understand, the show was about a group of disgraced soldiers out to prove their innocence while working as mercenaries for ordinary folks in trouble. Or some such nonsense. I didn't see much TV in the '80's. I was either rehearsing, performing or out dancing at City Gardens* (the Trenton Alt Music dance club/dive where I first saw Sinead O'Conner and where John Stewart served me drinks at least once a week for a couple of years). Needless to say, 'The A-Team' had little to offer a New Age Theatre Arts major who was much more interested in Hamlet than Hannibal, Faceman, B.A. and Murdoch. I was certainly aware of the show, which lasted a paltry 3 seasons on CBS, but couldn't have cared less about it.

And honestly, I almost couldn't care less about the movie version (didn't anyone learn anything from The Dukes of Hazard?), except that it stars Cooper and District 9's Sharlto Copely. Oh, and Liam Neesom takes on the George Peppard role. Seriously. Did Natasha's** death effect Neesom's judgment so profoundly that he can no longer tell when he's making a crappy movie? Still... Bradley Cooper. Woof! I seriously doubt I'll be seeing The A-Team either in a theatre; on DVD; On Demand or even on Spike when it undoubtedly premieres there by next February.

Okay - you got me. I'll be watching for some shirtless Bradley. So sue me.

Anyway, from gay fantasy to gay reality, singer/songwriter Jason Mraz (whose music has not been in my personal Top 10) is now officially one of my heroes. Here's his PSA for We Give A Damn, a group of primarily straight celebs who believe in LGBT rights:

Celebrities including Cyndi Lauper, Judith Light, Anna Pacquin (who recently came out as Bisexual) and Wanda Sykes have all lent their voices to the cause. And speaking of causes...

A San Francisco Bay Area high school was recently targeted by the disgusting Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church in their continued attempts to blame all of our country's (if not the world's) ills on gays. Gunn High School students, who were warned in advance of WBC's planned protest, took to the streets in response. Here (via) is their beautiful response:

That makes me almost wish I had gone to Gunn, though I expect the reaction may have been a little different in the late 70's. Still, it's heartwarming to know that there are right-minded youth out there who not only recognize what is right, but are willing to show it.The positive energy expended by the hundreds in attendance surely outweighed any negativity the WBC expended in their hateful and misguided messages.

This coming Sunday is Easter, the Holiest Day on the Christian Calender (even though it's celebrated on a different day every year). Considering all the crap the Catholic Church has been trying to hide, re-blame and deny lately, I think I'll celebrate by seeing Clash of the Titans, in an effort to reaffirm my own Paganism. Visit me tomorrow on The Zombie Zone, where I'm sure to offend someone with a comparison of the Resurrection to Zombieism.

* Remind me to tell you sometime about City Gardens, Q, Devo and the Vampires... its a rather disturbing little tale.

** Corrected on 4/4/10 - as pointed out by my dear Stephen at Post Apocalyptic Bohemian. Thanks, Love!

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Sam Juliano said...

Interesting that Pacquin is bi. Well, I'll agree with you that there's slim pickins out there on the gay front, but don't expect to be enthralled with CLASH OF THE TITANS, and especially urge you not to bother with the 3 D classes, as they are overpriced and fail to enrich this particular experience as they did with HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.

Stephen said...

I hate to correct a man of your distiguished pedigree & talent, especially when you have such perfect taste in men, like yummy Mr. Cooper (please let him keep his furry chest)... but Mr. Neeson tragically lost his beautiful & talented wife- Natasha Richardson (daughter of Vanessa Redgrave). Miranda Richardson, beautiful & talented, so great in Blackadder, The Crying Game, Enchanted April...
I know that you know this & were addled by the excitment of a creature with a white, soft round tail visiting your garden last night.
Although the show seemed to be filled with beef, I don't recall that I ever saw an episode of the A Team in the mid-1980s... I understood that Mr T generated some sort of catch phrase though.