Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Gaga Gayest Things You'll See This Week

Funny, I don't remember Scott Hamilton ever calling anyone a "slore." According to the Urban Dictionary (and I'm just paraphrasing here), a slore is a combination of the words "slut" and "whore." Really? Did we need to combine those words into a new one? Weren't they descriptive enough on their own?

Of course, all this started with flamboyant figure skater Johnny Weir not being asked to participate in Stars on Ice, or some such nonsense.

Does anyone really pay money to go to those stupid ice shows, anymore? I remember once as a kid being taken to see Disney on Ice and thinking it lame, even then. And as recently as 2000, my then-employer (an insane woman who would burst into tears at the mere mention of Tuesdays with Morrie) gave tickets for The Wizard of Oz on Ice to myself and another co-worker, which we gleefully attended as a total goof. My co-worker got totally wasted and spent the ride home screaming "I'm a flying monkey!" out the window of the car to every person we passed. As I recall, there was no mention of "slores" at either event.

You may remember that Johnny felt the organizers of the show passed on him because of his perceived sexuality, and publicly shared his feelings. Today, Weir's Olympic teammate, "straight" skater Evan Lysacek (pictured above, in the straightest skating costume ever) said Johnny was simply whining about his failure to be included because Stars on Ice only takes the "best of the best." To which Johnny responded in the most adult way anyone could expect a figure skater to do. He called Lysacek a 'slore.' Huh?

Is this the best the US Olympic Figure Skating Team can do? Two bitchy queens calling each other names? If I wanted to hear that kind of nonsense, I'd watch re-runs of "Dynasty" on Hulu. At least I'd get some bitch-slapping, hair-pulling, fountain-fighting fun out of it. Oh - and just in case you were wondering about Johnny, this should put those nasty rumors to rest once and for all (via):

Of course, a love of Gaga doesn't automatically make you gay. Just ask the boys of the University of Omaha's acappella group 'On the Rocks.' This performance isn't gay at all (via):

Well, maybe it's a little gay. Okay, okay. It's a lot gay. But that doesn't mean the cubs prancing about the stage are gay. Well, not all of them. They are a talented bunch, though - I'll give them that.

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Anonymous said...

For the record, that's the University of Oregon. And we're rather proud of them. : )