Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hip-Hip Hypocrisy!

There, I've gone and done it. I've finally equated the Pope with the devil (well, the creator of that sculpture did, but you get the idea).

Why am I doing so, you may well ask. Because its basically true. And forgive me for ranting the same rant I made on The Zombie Zone last weekend, but there are few things that make me more insane than religious hypocrisy.

The Catholic Church has a proven historical track record of hypocrisy. Popes have fathered bastard children, carried on affairs with young boys and turned a blind eye to genocide for nearly 2000 years. During WWII, as Hitler exterminated millions of Jews, Pope Pius XII never said a word about the atrocities being committed. And now, as more and more cases of pedophilia among priests are brought to light, Pope Benedict XVI remains silent, letting lesser Bishops do the talking for him in vague and non-committal terms, referring to the news as "gossip."

Seriously? Gossip? Hundreds of deaf boys molested in one parish alone; thousands of alter-boys buggered against their will; dozens of priests simply relocated after allegations of abuse? The president of the Catholic League, William Donohue, blames the abuse on homosexuality, rather than pederasty. I can't even imagine the gall it takes to make such a statement. Of the dozens of gay men I know, not one is a pedophile. In fact, every single one of them is as disgusted by the actions of these priests as I am. Yet the Church trots out their "Head Exorcist," who simply blames the Devil for the behavior of these monsters. "Nope. Not our fault. It must be... SATAN!" Is it any wonder that the KKK and other White Supremest groups hate the RCC?

Here's the thing: I can understand wanting to save face, but there comes a time when the overwhelming evidence of a cover-up has to be exposed and acknowledged. And if that means saying "You're right. I'm sorry and I will fix it," then you should take your lumps and deal with it. Instead, as the Vatican has always done, the Pope and his minions continue to deny and hide the truth, blaming anyone and anything they can, other than themselves. And they have done so for centuries.

To me, the Catholic Church stands for oppression and denial, more than anything else. Antiquated ideals and unscientific principles aside, the act of denial in the face of overwhelming evidence negates everything the Papacy (and indeed, Christianity itself) stands for.

Jesus wept.

Okay. Another rant over. Back to nonsense, anon.


Pam said...

I Soooo agree with every word.
I left the church at age 16, and am glad I did. The entity of the church seems to supercede all human decency.
What a bunch of hypocrites and misogynists!!!

Prospero said...

Let's not forget pedophiles.