Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Most Disgusting Thing You'll See This Week

I know I blogged briefly about this movie before, but now that its release seems eminent, I thought I should give it its own post.

The Human Centipede may well be the one Horror movie that your Uncle P just cannot see. Why? Well... its the whole 'Feces Factor.'

The plot apparently concerns a mad German scientist (is there any other kind?) who wants to connect people's mouths to other people's anuses. Why? I have no idea. The whole conceit is so repulsive to me, I can hardly believe I'm posting about it.

Dutch Writer/Director Tom Six has made only a handful of films, most of which sound as equally repulsive. And the film's international cast seems to have no problem with the movie's theme, or the face-to-ass performances it required of them (which makes Uncle P question their sanity). Honestly, I cannot imagine a more repulsive film (and that's counting the infamous "Two Girls, One Cup" video). Nor can I imagine the amount of money that it would take for me to accept a role in this movie. Ugh!

Released by IFC Films (which automatically loses points in my personal "Respectability" list), The Human Centipede will likely be Direct-to-DVD. Honestly, I hope no one in his or her right mind will buy or rent this vile exercise in depravity. So why am I posting about it? Simply to warn you, Dear Readers, from watching it. Just thinking about it makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Yuck! Really? This movie got funding? From whom? Whomever it may be, I never hope to meet them. Though if I should, I'll be sure to smack them, hard.

I had hoped to have a review of Clash of the Titans for you tonight, but an exhausting weekend of Spring Cleaning and long-overdue kitchen painting kept me from my favorite multiplex. I will hopefully see it one night this coming week. Though, based on what other movie bloggers have had to say, I may want to wait until it is available On Demand.

More, anon.


Jono said...

Just remember: IFC funded Slings and Arrows. That alone gives it massive cred.

Stephen said...

I think I had a weekend long date in the 1970s that was somewhat like the Human Centipede.

Prospero said...

"Slings and Arrows" was a CBC show, and IFC can take only monetary credit. For this, they should be smacked.

Stephen - I still love you, but ew!

Prospero said...
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Jono said...

Actually, it wasn't was Movie Central, which shares an owner and branding with--you guessed it!--IFC and The Sundance Channel.

IFC also produced the excellent dvds.