Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Weirdest Thing You'll See This Week

This video (via) is an ad for MAC Cosmetics "Hello Kitty" line. For those of you unfamiliar, Hello Kitty is a brand of children's products from Japan. As with all Japanese pop culture, Hello Kitty is is insanely popular in the Land of the Rising Sun. You can even get Hello Kitty rifles, wedding dresses and headstones. My friend Janet doesn't care for MAC products. She says they feel too heavy on her face, which I suppose, is why they are the preferred brand among "gender illusionists" (drag queens, folks) around the world. I have no idea what this ad is trying to say. It's just weird.

Sort of like "Alice in Wonderland" meets "The Wizard of Oz" in Tokyo on acid. And you were there... and you were there... and you were there, too. Except you had a giant, black plastic Hello Kitty head.

More, anon.

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