Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 for 5

I stopped watching the Academy Awards after Heath Ledger won. I cried, but was glad to see so many in the audience crying as well. I cried for a talent lost and a life wasted. And for how eloquently Mr. Ledger's family spoke.

But, more importantly (to me, anyway), I'm here to crow a bit. So far, I'm 5 for 5 in my picks for winners in the major categories. Sadly, to me that's just further proof of how predictable the Oscars have become. I probably won't watch at all, next year. Unless of course, Hugh Jackman really is naked. Or Ryan Reynolds.


Anonymous said...

well, you're very wise, are you not? I watched til the bitter end, and may I say, "oof". Maybe, as Danny Boyle suggested, it played much better in the room.
--but what a badly written show, over all. "THE MUSICAL IS BACK!!"?? ecch. I like H. Jackman, and wouldn't mind him singing, but NOT a medley, please. ...and it must have been thrilling for the nominees to have those past winners make the presentation, but those little speeches they made to each one? Lean in for this one so I don't have to say this fresh thing too loudly: I found it a little, well, masturbatory. so there. - jq

Anonymous said...

you misses Beyonce - lucky you!

Prospero said...

Sadly, Sean, I didn't miss Beyonce. Oh, how I hate bad lip-synching. She is pretty, though. And jq, my dearest friend in the world, that medley number was an abortion! And those past-winners' speeches! Eye-yi! Cut the production numbers and the montages, leave the tribute to those we lost and just give out the damned awards, already. And while I have no problem with Mr. Lewis winning the humanitarian award (he does do so much for kids with MD), is he even relevant, anymore?