Friday, February 13, 2009

The Gayest Thing(s) You'll See This Week

I came across a very sweet and wonderfully inclusive music video tonight on Towleroad and thought I'd share it with you. The song, "'Til the End" by Tom Goss, is just lovely and the accompanying video reminded me of the 70's TV show "Love, American Style," in which the same brass bed appeared in every vignette.
When I went to YouTube to find the embedding code for "Til the End," I came across a few other LGBT themed music vidoes I wanted to share. The first is "Body's a Temple" from adorable young singer/song-writer Jay Brannan:
Then I started to notice the amount of LGBT videos on YouTube and was astounded at both their number and their depth (or lack thereof). Some were sexy, bordering on pornography. Some were homophobic and hateful. There were even gay Sci-Fi geek videos, as evidenced by this clip, based on an apparently gay-themed episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and featuring the song "It's Okay to Be Gay."
I always thought Alexander Siddig, who played Dr. Bashir on the show, was rather pretty and can completely understand why the gay alien haberdasher was crushing on him. Siddig also appeared in the 2007 season of "24' and in writer/director Neil Marshall's post-apocalyptic adventure, Doomsday.
Then there were the funny gay music videos. These were songs that made fun of homophobia, rather than homosexuality, and I admire their creators for their honesty and fearlessness. First, a video I've posted before; Mandy Steckelberg's "I Love the Gays."
Then there was this video from Oded Gross about a man whose wife leaves him, blaming gay marriage for their own connubial failures: "It's All Because (the Gays Are Getting Married)."
Finally, while this isn't a music video, it still made me laugh and fits in with my obssesion with zombies. I give you the trailer for Gay Zombie:
I refuse to be offended by that, as should you. It's too funny to be truly offensive. And if we can't laugh at ourselves, folks, we have no business laughing at others.
Certainly there is plenty more gay music out there. One needs only to watch "New, Now, Next" on Logo to find the hottest up-and-coming LGBT musical acts. And I can't even begin to tell you how many covers of Katy Perry's infectious "I Kissed a Girl" that I found that were called "I Kissed a Boy." There are gay C & W singers, gay rappers, gay balladeers and even gay metalheads. And all of them proudly flying their freak flags. And to all of them I say, "Well done! Well done, indeed!"
As always, more, anon.

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