Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Worst American Ever

'Douchebag' Is Too Kind a Word
John Boehner and the Repugnican-controlled House represent everything that is wrong with American politics, today. 

Walking off the the floor Monday night without even considering a relief bill to aid the the tens of thousands of victims of Superstorm Sandy in NY and NJ, Boehner cemented himself as the most-hated man in America. It certainly didn't help that on Friday, Boehner told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid "Go f*ck yourself!" Twice. Really? This is how civilized adults conduct the business of the country?

By the way, that spinning sound you are hearing right now? It's coming from Lincoln's grave. 

It's pretty bad when even members of his own party are calling him out for his disgraceful, childish and callous disregard for the people whom he has sworn to protect. I'm not generally a fan of homophobic NJ Governor Chris Christie, but it's pretty bad when the party darling gives a press conference calling out Boehner's shameful behavior (via):

I may live in PA, but I was born in NJ, grew up in NJ and most of my friends and family live in NJ. I've spent many a Sunday afternoon on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights and more than a few dollars in the casinos of Atlantic City. The majority of the Theatre work I've done has been in NJ and there are very few weeks when I don't spend at least an evening there. It sickens me that Boehner and his cronies are so obsessed with their own agendas that they can't be bothered to help the very people they were elected to serve.

So go ahead and cry your crocodile tears, John Boehner. No one is buying your act anymore. Worst Person of the Year doesn't even cover it. You sir, are the Worst American in History. Go f*ck yourself, indeed!

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