Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Gayest Things You'll See This Week

Jonny McGovern is probably best known for his three-season stint on Logo's "The Big Gay Sketch Show" where his snarky humor allowed him to play a variety of roles (though I'm more  fan of Paolo Andino, whose recurring "UPS Guy" character was oogled by men and women alike on the show).

Lately, Jonny has been making humorous music - you might think of him as the "gay Weird Al."

Jonny's latest single is "Sexy Nerd" and you can watch the (possibly NSFW, but muy caliente) video, below (via):

Uncle P has known a few sexy nerds in his day... 

And speaking gay and sexy, have y'all seen the latest photo of Liza Minnelli? Damn! At 65, the batsh*t insane actress has never looked better, as evidenced in this photo by Terry Richardson (via):

Q is currently disputing that the picture is indeed Liza. I can assure you, it is.

More pics from Richardson's shoot here. I have to admit, the 65-year old Minnelli has lived quite a life. And certainly followed in her mother's footsteps by marrying at least 2 gay men (the late, great Peter Allen and the uber-creepy David Gest).

Allen was played on Broadway by Australian hottie Hugh Jackman in the musical biography The Boy from Oz.

Of course, here in the U.S., Jackman is best known as the comic book hero Wolverine from the X-Men movies. And we all know how much nerds love comic books. I guess that makes Jackman a sort of Sexy Nerd. How's that for a full circle?

And to think, I was going to talk about the very hot DILF I saw in a convenience store this afternoon. Oh, I guess that fits, too. Synchronicity, y'all!

More, anon.

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