Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cirque Grotesque

The Last Circus (Balade Triste) has yet to see a U.S. release, though it has played almost everywhere else in the world since it's Spanish release in December of 2010. It's scheduled for limited release here on August 19. 

IMDb lists its genre as "Comedy," though clearly from its trailer, The Last Circus is a giallo film, filled with gruesome murders. Set in 1973, it tells the story of the son of a famous "Happy" clown who was forced to join Franco's army. The son, a subsequently "Sad" clown,  has an intense battle with another "Happy" clown for the love of a beautiful acrobat. This movie is on my radar for tons of reasons, and long-time readers know all about my love of Horror movies, outre films, Cirque du Soleil and classic giallo movies. Unfortunately, The Last Circus is one Horror movie I won't get to see with D (you know, because of the whole evil you know whats thing).

Of course, The Last Circus is being distributed here in the U.S. by Magnet, the same company that gave us Rubber, the movie about a killer sentient tire, so it's unlikely that I'll get the opportunity to see it on a big screen out here in suburbia. That sucks - and not in the good way.

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DeepBlue said...

Gelsomina, Zampano e il Matto??? ;)