Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Fall of Western Civilization

There we all go, right down the crapper. I've thought it was coming for quite a while now, but some recent events have proven me right - Western Civilization is doomed. Doomed, I tells ya.

First was the recent financial debacle in Washington, where a group of supposed adults who should know better all acted like petulant children and refused to sit down and rationally discuss the problem. Instead, our "leaders" (and I use the term quite loosely) squabbled like a bunch of pre-schoolers over whose turn it was to use the red finger-paint. Hardly "Government for the People." The result? A downgrade in the country's credit rating by the S&P (the first in history) and a world-wide stock-market plunge. And the worst part is that the Tea Party a-holes who caused the whole mess actually seem to be proud of what they've done. Disgusting.

Next, a total breakdown of human decency in London (of all places), where the third day of rioting by hoodlums has led to one of the single most repulsive things I have ever seen:

Isn't London supposed to be one of the last bastions of civilized behavior? I hope the IOC is seriously reconsidering their choice for the 2012 Games.

Then today (via) comes news that the sub-human wretch who goes by the name Ann Coulter has aligned herself with the oxymoronic conservative Republican gay PAC, GOProud. First of all, how can any gay person align themselves with the Repugnicans? These are the folks who want to deny civil rights (no matter how loudly Lincoln is spinning his grave) by enforcing DOMA and trying to repeal the repeal of DADT. Second, have any of you GOProud morons actually listened to Coulter's hateful rhetoric? She makes the Mormons look like Episcopalians, for Christ's sake. I'm actually trying not to throw up, just thinking about her. She may well be the worst human being in modern history (just slightly above Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot).

Still, worse than any of that, is the increasing popularity of the clearly insane Michelle Bachmann and her ilk in their bids for the US Presidency in 2012. Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Bachmann all seem to have forgotten the whole "separation of Church and State" thing and are running their campaigns (yes, I know - Perry hasn't declared yet, but he will) on "Christian values" platforms. I may be a skeptical agnostic/secular humanist but my sister is a rather devout Christian who knows a hypocrite when she sees one (of 'Christians' who attend church regularly, she says: "You can sit in a garage all you want, but that doesn't make you a car.") She is as appalled as I am by these hate-fueled, fear-mongering liars.

Honestly, I just want to know how we came to this point in history when clearly unstable people are seriously being considered as candidates for President of the United States. As recently as the 1990's, anyone as loony as Bachmann would have been dismissed as a "fringe" candidate with no hope of winning even he smallest of districts. Have things gone so wrong that we're willing to let lunatics run the asylum? I truly fear for the future of our country. Surely the framers of the Constitution (and all of those who have given their lives defending it) wouldn't want to see it trampled on the way the Tea Party and modern Republicans are attempting to do. 

"But Uncle P, how can we stop them?" Simple. Vote. Vote to keep these dangerous lamebrains out of office. Vote as if your very lives depend on it -- because they do.

Okay - another political rant over. Back to regular nonsense in my next post.

More, anon.

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Karen said...

I agree with everything you wrote, particularly the Ann Coulter bit. Just hearing her speak triggers my gag reflex; why *anyone* would want to be affiliated with her in any way is a mystery to me.

As for Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, etc. running on "Christian values" platforms, this is nothing new (*cough* Sarah Palin *cough*). I just hope that reasonable voters of any faith will see through these fruit loops and their fear tactics, and not put them in charge of the country.

I don't have anything to say about the low-life bastards robbing the injured kid. There just aren't enough bad words in my vocabulary for that. But I think your phrase, "a total breakdown of human decency," sums it up beautifully.