Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Gayest Thing You'll See This Week

That's James Franco's younger brother Dave. He and James have made a few videos together (one also starring their mom). Recently, Dave made a hilarious video with Fright Night and Superbad star Christopher Mintz Plasse in which they tell one another (in a VERY NSFW way) how hot they found one another. You can see it here. Say what you will about their filthy pillow talk, they are both obviously having fun trying to outdo one another with their graphic descriptions of what they would do to one another in a very jokey way.

Of course, James Franco has been very coy about his own sexuality. He's played (and will be playing) plenty of gay characters on film. Of course, that could just mean that he's exceptionally comfortable in his own masculinity. Or it could mean he's gay. Or bisexual (something recently proven as scientifically valid). Or it could mean he's playing with our heads (NO, not that one). He recently said in an interview (and forgive me for not knowing the source off the top of my head - you should forgive the expression), "Who knows? I just might be gay." James has played gay characters in James Dean; Milk; Howl; The Broken Tower and the upcoming Sal. In The Broken Tower (also directed by Franco, as is Sal), he reportedly has a very explicit gay sex scene with co-star Michael Shannon. Of course, speculation can go any way it wants. We'll never know the truth unless Franco speaks up one way or the other.

Still, that hasn't stopped his brother from following in his footsteps. In the also VERY NSFW clip below, Dave goes both gay and narcissistic. Via Towleroad , My New Plaid Pants and kenneth in the (212), here's "Go F*ck Yourself:"

By the way... you all know you would if you could.

More, anon.


Stephen said...

I would so do myself...

jordon.gerber said...

So, I assume that seeing as James Franco acts as a gay person in his movies, Christian Bale actually is The Batman. Much like Daniel Craig actually IS a spy. Named James Bond.

Prospero said...

Not at all what I was saying, jordan. If you follow entertainment news at all, Franco has been publicly coy and teasing about his sexuality. I have a very dear straight friend who has played gay in 5 plays for me, but he doesn't give interviews in which he says "Who knows? I might be gay!" Nor has he made gay-themed films or filmed himself making out with himself in a mirror, as Franco has.