Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calling Mr. Allen. Mr. Irwin Allen, Please!

Ever feel like you're in an Irwin Allen disaster movie? Okay, for those of you born after 1980:  Ever feel like you're in a Roland Emmerich movie?

In the 1970's, Irwin Allen was the King of Disaster Movies like The Poseidon Adventure; The Towering Inferno; The Swarm and When Time Ran Out... These films, starring fading A-Listers and has-beens, were all the rage. Apparently, watching former A-list stars struggle against almost insurmountable odds was the antidote to real-life stresses like a bad economy, gas shortages and troubles in the Middle East. Producer Irwin Allen was behind all those movies (not to mention some classic TV Sci-Fi).

Today, producer/director Roland Emmerich is filling that niche with movies like Independence Day; The Day After Tomorrow; 2012 and the upcoming German film Hell.

Why the references to disaster movies? I think it's obvious. Earlier this week, the American East Coast experienced its biggest earthquake since the 19th Century. And this weekend, we are bracing for what looks like the worst hurricane since the 1940's. Yikes! Earlier this evening, Uncle P braved his local Walmart in search of flashlights, batteries and some emergency water, just in case. Let me tell you, it was just like one of those movies. The flashlight rack was all but empty and I think I got the last two gallons of water on the shelf. Forget bread and milk (not that I use either) and batteries were being snatched up left and right. The checkout lines were ridiculous.

Of course, as I predicted, the lunatic fundies are all over this. Already a NOM supporting New York rabbi has blamed the quake on the LGBT community (to be honest, he also blamed the murder of a young Hasidim boy on us) and today, 'Christian' evangelical Pat Robertson said the crack in the Washington Monument, resulting from the earthquake, is a "sign from God." Really, Pat? Because it seems more like the result of a natural seismic event on a 100+ year-old structure to me. The truth is, all of these so-called 'religious' folks are so blinded by their passionate hatred (translation: fear) of the LGBT community, they have put aside all common sense and scientific fact to espouse their lunatic views.

Here's the thing: Nature does what it does all on its own. It needs no help from the invisible hand of an imaginary invisible being who hates gay people and Muslims. It's physics, meteorology and seismology; all of which occur naturally without the help of supernatural intervention. And any sane, rational person will gladly acknowledge that truth, despite the imagined warnings from an unfinished calendar produced by a primitive society. 

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