Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Official

In the mail today, I received the Kelsey Theatre's 2009-2010 Season brochure. Each year, the Kelsey's General Manager comes up with a theme for the season, based on the shows each various company will be presenting there (which honestly, is sometimes a stretch). Though this year, I think she hit the nail on the head, if you'll forgive me the cliche (and I know you will). Next season's theme is "Hooray for Hollywood," and it features shows that have gone on to become movies, or vice-versa.

The 8th Annual James Tolin Memorial Fundraiser show is listed, and therefore official. I may have mentioned it before, but next year's benefit show (I still haven't recovered from this year's) will be Del Shore's outrageous 1996 "Black Comedy About White Trash," Sordid Lives. For those unfamiliar, the story centers around a small-town family in Winters, TX who are gathering for the funeral of oldest sister, Peggy, who died after hitting her head on the sink because she had tripped over her lover's wooden legs on the way to the motel bathroom.

Shores directed the film version of his play, using much of the original cast, including the always awesome Beth Grant (one of JA's favorites, too) and the amazing Bonnie Bedelia, along with the underrated and very funny Delta Burke. Not to mention "Will and Grace" regular Leslie Jordan, Beau Bridges and Sandy Olsson herself, Ms. Olivia Newton-John. Here's the trailer:

The movie (like so many before) was then adapted into a short-lived series on Logo. It also featured Grant, Bedelia, Jordan and Newton-John. They were joined by Golden Girl Rue McClanahan and comedienne Caroline Rhea. It's exactly the kind of show that the JTMF is all about -outrageous, hilarious and LGBT-themed. I'll be directing again and already have much of the actors I want in my cast in mind (if you're reading this, you know who you are).
More, very anon.
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Stephen said...

One of my all time favorites!
How fun would it be to be in the stage version?

my verification word is "mened"...
is that having been had by a man?
Wow... I got so drunk last night & got really MENed.

Prospero said...

No, silly. MEN is plural... as in, "You have been mened by two or more guys. Good luck walkin' tomorrow..."