Friday, July 24, 2009

A Hodgepodge of Emotion

This is a weird weekend coming up for yours truly. Last weekend was my birthday. Next weekday, my dear D and I are getting our new ink. This weekend, I have nothing planned. I may see a movie, though to be honest, not living in NYC or LA anymore, there are very few movies at the local multiplex that have me chomping at the bit right now. There are plenty coming up, but right now... meh.

So, today I surfed and surfed for stuff to talk about. Of course, ComicCon is going on 3000 miles away, so there's that. The good folks at i09 have posted this trailer for the new Denzel Washington post-apocalyptic tale, The Book of Eli:

The folks at i09 said it looks like "I Am Legend done right." To me it looks more like The Road Warrior meets The Road via Virtuosity. I'll reserve my full opinion until I actually see the movie, though it certainly has a promising cast.
Then, JA over at MyNewPlaidPants had to go and post these clips from the late, great "Pushing Daisies," featuring the ever-so-talented and endearingly adorable Kristen Chenowith singing torch songs about unrequited love - the very topic which has had me blue of late. Needless to say, Ms. C's versions of both these songs are hilarious, touching and devastating all at once:

Hopelessly Devoted

Eternal Flame

And finally, on an optimistically upbeat note, here is the latest music video from Playing for Change, an organization in whose cause I firmly believe:

Mystery Train

That's a whole lotta stuff... Now please excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep...
More, anon.

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