Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As regular readers must know by now, I have an... um... okay... obsession... with zombies. And this still from the latest by zombie master, George A. Romero's now officially titled next film Survival of the Dead (via) proves that zombies are here to stay. In fact, there are probably dozens of zombie movies slated to screen in 2009, alone. Indeed, I've even written my own zombie movie screenplay (currently listed as #5 in the Top 5 Screenplays on Scriptbuddy.com - help a brother out and rate it so it sells).
Anyway, there are lots of zombie movies slated for release this year. Some I've posted about before; others are new to me. All of them look like loads of fun for horror fans.
So, in no particular order, below you will find the trailers for the zombie movies to which I am most looking forward to seeing in the coming months (some of them are even gay).
Just a warning, many of these trailers contain disturbing images that are not appropriate for younger viewers or those of a sensitive nature.

Zombies of Mass Destruction:

Dead Snow:


Silent Night, Zombie Night:

And finally, the big budget Zom-Com which combines two of my favorite things (Zombies and Theme Parks) in one film, Zombieland:

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More, anon.

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