Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Sci-Fi Silliness (or not)

I'm probably last to report that uber-hot Ryan Reynolds' amazing body has been cast as DC's newest Superhero, The Green Lantern. Personally, my choice has always been Nathan Fillion ("Firefly;" Slither; and "Castle"). But to be honest, I could easily spend two hours watching Ryan wear Spandex (honestly, who couldn't? - even str8 boys are like, "Damn! Ryan is hot!"). At least three of my friends (Nicole, Bruce and Laura) find him as hot as I do. Laura and I actually sat through the entire piece of crap that was The Amityville Horror remake, just to see how much time he would spend with his shirt off and his pants sagging. Of course, Laura and I find many of the same men attractive, tragically. I say 'tragically' because inevitably, the guy we both think is the cutest in a horror movie, is among the first (if not THE first) character killed (unless of course, he's the lead, which is rare).
Case in point - Tuc Watson in The Mummy. Tuc plays an American adventurer simply named "Mr. Burns," according to IMDb. Except he's the first to encounter the resurrected Imhotep and he pays for it by having his eyes and tongued ripped out his head! No fair! Delectable Brendan Frasier may well be the star, and yummy mummy Arnold Vosloo the hot villain, but Tuc was the boy I wanted to cuddle up to at the end of a long day...
Anyway, with Ryan as both an Marvel Villain and a DC Hero he'll be providing plenty of eye-candy for many years to come...
And just for giggles, here is something I may have posted before; a meticulously well-done fan-made trailer for the Nathan Fillion version of The Green Lantern:
And since ComicCon is so very close, I had to post some geeky movie thing or other. Well, here is an exclusive sneak-peek at Tron2:
Ha-ha! Fooled you! Though, probably not. I just thought it was pretty funny. The thing I most remember about the original Tron, was that it gave me a headache.
Oh, well. Onward with my celebrating. My birthday week kicked off with D and I making our appointment for our new ink August 1st! Very excited!
Tomorrow afternoon, I am off to a matinee of Moon, the acclaimed film from director Duncan Jones, starring Zaphod Beeblebrox himself, Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey's voice. I will be joined by Janet and Dale and possibly D. Here's the trailer for Moon:
My full review, anon.


Anonymous said...

Tuc was by far my favorite too. Then the blonde guy.

Bought my tickets on line today for The Half Blood Prince.

Prospero said...

Never got into the Harry Potter thing. I read the first book on a flight down to Florida and still had time to kill. It never thrilled me. I am, however, reading Guillermo del Toro's new vampire novel, "The Strain."