Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Next Project

No, not with this company or cast (how cool would that be?), but with Shakespeare '70, the company for whom I directed The Skin of Our Teeth last fall. Still, some cool folks with whom I'll always be happy to play. I'll be playing Alfieri, Eddie Carbone's
lawyer and family friend. Alfieri is sort of the play's Greek Chorus, narrating events for the audience and commenting on situation.
I just got my script tonight. I haven't read the play in many years, and while I know it's a tragedy about family loyalty and social honor, I don't remember many of the details.
My rock, K, is directing, and my dear D and I get to appear in a play together for the first time. And Janet and I are in a play together again, a rare and happy thing (though we have yet to find the perfect vehicle for 'just us'). Nicole, my "Chicklet" and "Jane," is also on hand, as well as my friends Pat and Mike (both in "Skin..."), so it's a bit like old home week.
I haven't acted since February of '08 when I played Rick in Larry Shue's hilariously silly American farce, The Nerd, which also happened to be directed by K (though for a different company) and starred Pat. This role couldn't be more different (or the play, for that matter). So tonight most of the cast (we still don't have an Eddie) got together for a nosh, a drink or two and the handing out of scripts. I love being part of a hand-picked cast, and working with folks I know so well. You build a chemistry and an understanding of each others' processes and it all works toward something that only those who've been there can understand.
More details about this production of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge can be found here.
Ironically, I'm hoping a role in a somber piece like "View..." will help me over the last lingering vestiges of my recent depression. Digging my teeth into a character so unlike myself will be so therapeutic...
More, anon.

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Stephen said...

It will feel great to be back on the boards, especially with people you love to work with. kepp us posted!