Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why I Don't Like Pictures of Me

Jeffrey Final Dress, Photo by Rich Kowalski
No, that's not a still from the latest J-Horror movie; nor is it some bizarro production of Madame Butterfly. No dear readers, this is a production still from last month's JTMF production of Jeffrey. From left to right: Dear D, adorable Chino Devine and (dear lord) Uncle P. The script called for "elaborate Chinese pajamas, perhaps." I got a gorgeous custom-kimono that was so fun to wear, but look at the puss on that guy. I'm telling my Broadway dancer boyfriend Darius (Chino) to "Leave this house!" because he didn't know who Ann Miller was. It looks like I'm about to vomit! And there are plenty more, where that came from. My mouth hanging open; my eyes squeezed shut; my hair in a thousand and four directions like a fat, gay Professor Irwin Corey (how much does that date me?). Ugh! 

Anyway, here are a few more shots from the first half of Act I. I'll post more here tomorrow and others on the JTMF blog, soon. All photos in this post are copyrighted to NJ's best theatre photographer, Mr. Rich Kowalski.

"Hi there!"

I Work Out!

"Nice Set"  "You, too!"
"Do you like this? On me, I mean."

"It's! Just! Sex!"
"Am I making you nervous?"
"Your single, you're gay..."  "It isn't pretty."
Okay, so that last one isn't too terrible. And you should know I got a haircut the very next afternoon, before the show opened. If I can't be photogenic (I really appear much more human in person), then I'm going to surround my self with actors who are. 

But that's really unfair, because the folks other than Yours Truly aren't just pretty faces. They are exceptionally talented and giving performers who work with JTMF because they really want to and are thrilled when asked. And while we expand our talent pool every year, we've also developed a core company whose members consider one another to be family. The talent we've discovered and developed all believe in JTMF and our mission. They are all people who I personally love beyond words. If you're reading this and you are one of those people, then you know what I'm talking about. Nothing brings us more joy each year, than participating in the JTMF event. I am both proud of and humbled by what we've accomplished these past ten years. Everyone who has ever taken part in a JTMF production (and there are several dozens), should feel the same way. 

Watch for more photos (and maybe a backstage story or two) from Jeffrey in the next few days.

More, anon.

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Stephen said...

It is like I am there watching the show! What a terrific role for you!