Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fast and Easy

Not Exactly My New PC
I'm back! And no, this post's title doesn't refer to me, you dirty-minded people!

After several weeks with limited Internet access, I finally got my new PC set up today and I have to say, it was the single easiest computer set up I've ever experienced. I don't usually do product endorsements, but my new Acer Aspire all-in-one PC has no tower; a gigantic 20" screen and required no special cords, plugs or adapters. And man, is it fast! My only (very minor) complaint, is that I'm having a bit of a time adjusting to it's rather small, almost laptop-like keyboard, though I am sure that will pass after a few days. Overall, I couldn't be happier with it. 

After clearing, cleaning and rearranging my computer desk, it was a very simple matter of plugging things in and I was ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Past PC set-ups have often taken me (someone who is decidedly less-than-savvy when it comes to electronics) over an hour. There was no cursing; no sweating and, best of all, no knee pain! Ports and CD ROM are all on the side and the mouse, keyboard and Internet receptacles are easily accessed without having to pull out an ridiculously heavy  tower. Best of all, Uncle P's Day Job offers a computer purchase loan program. I buy the PC, turn in the receipt and they cut me a check to pay it off right away, then deduct a certain amount from my check each pay-period without interest! How could I go wrong?

My old HP served me well these past six years, but I am not by any means sorry to see it go. Thank goodness, I backed up all my files. Now I'm off to find a cloud service to do it automatically. And of course, I'm very glad to be able to post again from home on a regular basis. I just hope you all haven't abandoned me!

And now, apropos of nothing other than my love of zombie movies, here's a trailer for one of the most original and intriguing zombie movies I've seen in a long time, Exit Humanity:

More, anon.

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