Friday, July 13, 2012

It's My Lucky Day!

Good Advice for Final Girls (and Guys)
I find it completely astonishing that in 2012 AD, we are still primarily a race of superstitious neanderthals, cowering during a thunderstorm because some great invisible being must be angry at us. Of course the annotation "AD" in the date I just typed is a superstitious relic itself, used scientifically only to denote between documented and and undocumented or 'prehistoric' events. Of course, that first neanderthal who figured out that thunder and lightning were natural events decided to use that to his advantage and instill even more fear into his cave-mates, thus elevating him to "Shaman" (or its neanderthal equivalent) and giving him perceived power and influence over the rest of them.

Thank (you should pardon the expression) God for the Italians. Face it -- if it wasn't for the Renaissance, you would not be reading this and I would not be typing what you are reading. The free exchange of ideas; the sharing of information and the expansion of scientific knowledge forged by DaVinci and his contemporaries have all led to the computer-driven, world-connected society in which we now find ourselves, and where more like-minded people can now connect with one another better, faster and more often than ever before. The entire compendium of human knowledge is available -- to just about everyone --  at the touch of a few buttons.

So why is it that so many people still believe in invisible beings; ghosts; demons; angels; fairies; leprechauns; vampires; werewolves; black cats; broken mirrors; walking under ladders... ad nauseum? Every religion will tell you that 'faith' is what makes it real. In other words, belief in something completely illogical and unlikely, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. The real world is scary enough without pretending there are 'supernatural' forces at work in our lives. And I won't deny that there are things still unexplainable. Who knows why the girl with the 'incurable' cancer suddenly went into permanent remission? Why did patient "Y" survive the transplant while patient "X" didn't? What made Sparky run out into the street just at that Jeep turned the corner? Why can't I win the lottery?

Because it's all completely random, folks. There's no "Cosmic Plan" or "Web of Destiny." As they say: "Sh*t Happens." Maybe its because I have a birthday coming up. Maybe I'm losing my faith in the hope for humanity. Or maybe it's a combination of things. Whatever it is, it's leading me down some previously only tentatively explored paths - and that's a good thing. 

So, if there is anything left of your Friday the 13th, go out and celebrate it. I once went camping in Salem on a Friday the 13th weekend (we were 'researching' a production of The Crucible) and had one of the most memorable experiences of my youth.

Damn. I should have played the Powerball...

Okay, fine. Is this better?

More, anon.

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Mrs. Adams said...

camping in salem? i wanna come! i still gotta get there and i grew up in NE! i don't think momma ever took me...sniff. hope you have a good vacay(?) soon and bday! i feel like you said countdown to vacay but i'm tired from MY vacay. miss you! xo