Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh, Joy!

Shhh! Don't tell anyone about what you're about to read. Don't comment on anything but the images the links take you to. And here's why:

It seems that my new keyboard has a bit of a larger learning curve than I anticipated. This enigmatic post will be updated as soon as my gigantic sausage fingers get used to the damned thing's spacing, layout and feel.

So, "Yay! I'm back on-line!" and "Damnit! I mistyped 6 out of 10 words on these flat, small and close-together keys!" and "Oh sh*t! What the... Grrr!"

I vow to conquer you, new and alien keyboard! You will NOT win! I'm not even signing this, because this text will be gone, soon. So there! 

 I will, being part evil genius -- as you no doubt must have realized by now -- leave your comments up, so those who read it after it's been changed will wonder what the hell ya'll are talking about or maybe even if you're all completely insane (or - hopefully, make them think that they're insane). Shhhh! Don't let them know! :-) There are lots of fun links to reference in comments, too. So have at them and have fun.


GalleryBound said...

I think the "sausage" link is the funniest. LOL!

Prospero said...

Thanks, GB. It's my favorite, too.