Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hellboy's Heart and Other Good News

Via Spectral Motion
It was a beautiful day (finally) in the Northeast and I wanted to talk about things that are making me feel at least a little better about the world, so here we go. 

The last celebrity story I remember reading about the Make-a-Wish foundation, involved Food Network's Evil Hamptons Ho, Ina Garten and her denial of a child's request to spend an afternoon cooking with her. F*ck you, Ina! This first part of tonight's post is about one celebrity who really went all out to make a kid's wish come true (Get out your tissues for this one).

Zachary's dream was to meet and be his favorite superhero, Hellboy, played in two pretty great Guillermo Del Toro movies (both of which begin in the most hilariously unlikely and inaccurate version of Trenton, NJ as only Del Toro could imagine) by beloved genre actor, Ron Perlman. To make Zachary's wish come true, Perlman spent hours in makeup to become Hellboy and spend the day with the boy. Then his makeup team turned Zachary into a young Hellboy. How awesome is Ron Perlman, folks? Suck it, Ina. I don't care how many gay friends you pretend to have, you're a terrible person.

You can link to Spectral Motion's Facebook page album at the link in the photo caption. Kudos, Mr. Perlman (as if we needed yet another reason to love you!).

And now on to another site I (and everyone else in the world) visit frequently, YouTube. Do you ever get sucked into the comments people make on some videos? Do you hate them, but still somehow get baited into responding to the trolls? Well then, the brainy zombies over at BoingBoing have the answer you may well be seeking. Herp Derp is a free browser extension that converts all YouTube comments to "herp derp herp herp derp." I trust the folks at BoingBoing - their reputation is without question and the thing works beautifully.  If you HAVE to see a comment, you can click on it. I found it funny and even though I rarely read YouTube comments, I downloaded it for fun. 

And now for something completely gay. Via The Accidental Bear (site may be NSFW), here are porn-star Conner Habib and 'psycho musician' Christeene giving advice to a guy whose boyfriend is ashamed of the commercialization of Pride. It's perfectly weird, funny, gay and actually offers two valid opinions.And it's safe for work at inclusive companies. I'm going to try and embed the clip, but AB seemed to have some issues and so I'm going to add the same link that he did to the original at NewNowNext if you have a problem viewing it here.

More, anon.

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