Friday, June 5, 2009

A Night Off

And a million things to talk about. Even though I have also been working on getting the show's sound plot completed, I have been bouncing around the Net again tonight and have thoughts on many things:

In Gay Movie News, according to, actor Wesley Eure of "Days of Our Lives" and "Land of the Lost" fame, has finally come out. I guess he was sort of cute, but I never really got it. Too pretty, I think.

And Marvel Studios have announced that they are planning to release four features a year and will be bringing back the Hulk for their Avengers series (via).
Let's hope technology will have developed enough to finally give us a believable version of the big green brute.

In Gay Music News, Parisian musician Reead has a new video out for his song, "Baby," which features Paris' Chinatown, a boom box and three rather attractive young men wearing only animated blocks (via):

Reead "Baby", 3 mecs à China Town, avec
by rollrecords

Finally, I just think this is very cool. MonkeyLectric offers this exceptionally cool Persistence of Vision light gadget for your bicycle wheels. At an amazingly affordable price (about $60 per wheel), their safety/marketing system allows you display just about anything you want on your wheels as you make your way through the darkened streets, roads and pathways of your hometown (via).

Last night's rehearsal was better. Without the books, they are really starting to grow. Tomorrow is a line-through and then a pool/hot tub party. They continue to amaze and amuse. Off to try and finish my sound plot... two weeks to go...
More, anon.

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