Sunday, June 7, 2009

Christmas in June

So, here it is, June 7th, and I'm listening to Christmas music. No, seriously. I'm trying to choose Intermission music for "Most Fabulous..." which ends Act I with the Nativity and places Act II at a Christmas Open House party in modern-day New York City (you'd be amazed at how much gay Christmas music there is). Why wouldn't I be listening to Christmas music (most of which, by the way, I despise)?

This is my last week to devote 97.99% percent of my attention to my cast, which saddens me. I love them and want to watch them play and help them grow as much as I can. But I find myself devoting more and more time to the technical side of the show, which excites me too, because I'm starting to get into how all the elements of the show will work together as a whole. So, as you can imagine, I am torn and in need of an occasional distraction.
Weekends are light for most of the blogs I read regularly (some don't post at all on Saturdays and Sundays), so I branch out and hit YouTube and funnyordie and any other number of sites I only visit on the weekend or once-in-a-while. Tonight, in a YouTube search for "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told," I came across this report of a Florida production this past January:
I may have mentioned this before, but we're actually hoping the "good" Reverend Phelps and his clan show up. Their presence is just what may be what it takes for the entire New Jersey LGBT community to fully embrace the JTMF and what we are all about.
Yesterday afternoon was a line-through with most of the cast, and a barbecue/hot-tub/pool party as their reward, after. We carried-on, drank, ate, laughed and tortured each other, as usual. I quizzed my newest find about horror movies (he's good), gave some amazing foot-rubs and further cemented the bonds between us (no, NOT in THAT way, you pervs! ;-0).
There is something truly magical about a cast that not only 'gets" it, but connects to one another so extraordinarily. Either I'm a genius, or I am just a casting savant (though I doubt the latter... I've made more than my share of casting mistakes... lol). In either case, I am certainly the luckiest director on the entire East Coast.
Today was an amazing choreography session with one of the best fight guys around. The Bravest Actors in the World had it down and running at full speed in less than 30 minutes. Props to all three for once again delivering beyond expectations.
Finally, here's something funny. While I am not particularly a fan of Tori Spelling (except in Trick), this clip from her show, featuring Star Trek and "Heroes" alum, Zachary Quinto, is both hilarious and hot!
On that note, I am off to continue (and hopefully, soon finish) work on my soundplot. We'll talk again soon, I promise.
More, anon.
PS - I am deliberately not watching the Tonys, because even though I took the time to write this post, I still have 12,546 things to do before the show will be ready to open. "Oy gay!"

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