Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It's late. I'm very tired. I feel I've abandoned the Faithful...

Rehearsals this week have been... interesting. Monday was their first night "off-book" (no scripts in their hands). It started out good, but fell apart in many places. I didn't help by trying to add sound cues, but still...

Tuesday was Act II, which has a much more traditional narrative structure than Act I, and they alll seeemd to have a better handle on how to play it, so I (perhaps foolishly) hoped they would know it better than Act I. I have never been more wrong. To be honest, two of my supporting players were exceptionally well-prepared and made me laugh once they finally entered the scene. We did manage to take some very nice publicity shots, so it wasn't a total bust.

Then came tonight. Act I again. Oh, so good. Two other members of my supporting cast had amazing break-throughs, and while it got a bit bogged down toward the end, it was miles from where it had been on Monday. Hope is restored.

So that's the latest. Sorry it wasn't more interesting, Oh - I was surprised to find the CD's I'd ordered from Amazon arrived a day before I expected them, so I was able to add additional music cues tonight.

I know - YAWN.... right? Maybe I can talk about how gorgeous my leading men are, some more. Got your attention there, didn't I?

I need sleep.

More, anon.

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