Friday, June 19, 2009

I Miss Ms. Kahn

I adored Madeline Kahn. I was lucky enough to have seen her on stage in "On the Twentieth Century" and she was astonishing. She's very often the best part of whatever she's in (though TV never figured out what to do with her). From What's Up, Doc? (an underrated Bogdanovitch gem and her first film) to Young Frankenstein; from her brilliant turn in Paper Moon (Bogdanovitch again) to the deplorable First Family, her performance was always something to be remembered.

I suppose all of this is the long way of saying "I'm Tired."

Ah, Lili. You are missed.
It's officially Opening Night, though I haven't been to bed yet. I think I've had 15 hours sleep all week. I'm going to bed soon. I have a few things to pick up tomorrow afternoon and then I will be officially finished and can sit back, relax and enjoy my show (yeah, right).
There' still time to get tickets! Or make a donation. (Shameless, ain't I? I think Maddie would be proud).

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Anonymous said...

Break a leg!

Prospero said...

Thanks! I'm getting excited...

Stephen R. said...

I can't wait to hear how last night went! I SO wish I could be there to see the show and support you and this incredible cause.

I'm a kick ass audience member! I have this cackle of a horse laugh that FILLS a theatre. Many hate it, a few adore it but no one can ignore its power!!! Even if I sit in the back of the house, wear a disguise and encase myself in a "Cone of Silence," five minutes into the first scene a show, anyone I know in the cast is backstage saying, "Oh, Rader's here."

Break a leg with the rest of the run this weekend!!!