Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Betty Bowers Explains It All 4 U

My friend Ken saw my show (twice!) and thus thought of me when he saw the video below. I'm also emailing a link to my cast. It's possibly the funniest comment on Biblical marriage I've seen in a long time. Apparently, 'Betty Bowers' is the self-proclaimed "Best Christian in America." I may have to subscribe to Betty's thread. She's pretty freakin' hilarious. Please enjoy this short, smart and hysterically funny video. Ladies and germs, I give you "Betty Bowers Explains Biblical Marriage:"

By the way, the "Adam" and "Steve" in my show were way hotter than those two schlubs above. Jealous yet?
Wow! How did such juvenile snarkiness get into this post? I am clearly still in recovery. My Facebook status says : "(Prospero) needs a repairative spa weekend..." My up-coming weekend business trip to DC doesn't exactly count. Though my "work spouse" R, AKA "Lady" (don't know if I ever mentioned her, before) and I always seem to have a good time when we go on these outings together. Two years ago in L.A. and San Fran; last year in Chi and this year in DC... People are starting to talk (as if they don't, already). And just for the record; I am not, nor would I ever pretend to be "Guy." He's way cuter than I am.
I thought I'd get a break... but every Saturday through July 18th is booked, already. How the hell did that happen? And do I wonder why I'm tired? The 18th is the one to which I am most looking forward. It's my birthday and D and I are off to get new ink together in the afternoon and then out carousing (that word makes me sound old, doesn't it?) with a bunch of our friends in the evening. And somewhere in there, rehearsals start for my next acting gig (more on that, anon). I suppose I can't afford the luxury of recovery, can I? Ah... screw it! You only live once, right?
As ever... more, anon.

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Stephen said...

Funny Vid!
I would love to see your show...