Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Holidays

Have you ever tried to find Christmas decorations in the middle of June? It's not easy, trust me.

And I'm looking for the kind of stuff nobody makes anymore. You know, those extruded plastic figures that you stick a bulb inside and put on your lawn in hopes that no idiot punks will come along and steal them? Pretty awful, but what the script calls for. Yes, some of the cast and crew have volunteered to scour their attics (and a member of a sister theatre company brought us one), but I'm looking for loads. I have a big stage to fill. Here's some examples of the kind of things I'm looking for:

See, it's even hard to find pictures of the damned things. I had to post a picture of decorations from Christmas' lonely Spring cousin, Easter... Gruesome, ain't they?

So, if anyone out there in cyberspace has any suggestions as to where I can find these, or if any of my local friends reading this post have any of them yourselves, please let know, ASAP. Thanks.

More, anon.


Update: My adorable cast member Matty has come through and delivered Santa & Mrs. Claus; a Teddy Bear; Choir Singers and Lampposts. Now I just need furniture and I'll be very happy...


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