Monday, June 29, 2009

More Movie Nonsense

Okay. Enough ranting for a while. I hope everyone had a terrific Pride weekend. Sadly, I attended only one official event this year - I was just too booked.
Anyway - let's get back to movie nonsense, shall we?

Fellow blogger and gay horror fan, JA over at MyNewPlaidPants, was going to the Asian Film Festival this weekend, in NYC. I posted my jealously on his blog because he got to see a movie I will have to wait to see on DVD, Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl. I have posted about this outrageously gory and ridiculously plotted film before, but I came across some new footage a while back and have been just too damned busy to post it.
Just like the kaiju movies of the 50's and 60's, modern Asian horror seems to revel in being way over-the-top. Watching the trailers for VGVFG is like watching a cross between Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Andy Warhol's Dracula and I Survived a Japanese Game Show. It even manages to satirize Japan's obsession with suicide. Creepy, weird, gory and surreal, today's Japanese horror has moved away from the creepy and inexplicable terrors of Ringu (The Ring) and Kairo (Pulse) and onto the explicit (if ridiculous) gore of films like Machine Girl and Ghost VS Alien.
So, below you will find the newest clip (albeit a few weeks old) from Vampire Girl vs. Dracula Girl. Fair warning - it's weird, sick and filled with shots of spurting blood, bloody skulls and extreme wrist-cutting. Can't say you weren't warned...
I'm still waiting to hear what JA thought.
By the way - I'm getting new ink on my left calf for my upcoming birthday (D and I are going together), and I'll be posting a few different versions of what I have in mind and putting them up for vote. I can't promise that I'll actually end up with what you guys choose, but it will most definitely have an influence on my final decision.
And just in case I forget to say so, I hope you have a fabulous Holiday weekend this 4th.
More, anon.

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