Saturday, September 17, 2011

Seasonal Acclimation; Obviously Insane People; Dutch Advertising and Other Random Nonsense

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The absolute best thing about living in the Northeast is that we get to experience the change of seasons. Winters here suck and summers can be brutal, but our springs and falls are actually quite lovely. I'm still in a bit of shock that it is already fall, but sort of glad it is. It means I'm closer to this year's 2nd JTMF show and that Halloween isn't too distant in the future. My allergies and sinuses don't always like the falls or springs here but they sell magic potions down at the alchemist's for that kind of thing. There's amazing fall foliage right in my own backyard; the air drys out and is cool in your skin and it's just so deliciously comfortable.

Of course, the fall also means elections. You all know my politics by now. I wear them on my sleeve, collar, waistband, crotch and shoes. There are very few things that actually scare me at this point in my life. The current state of American politics is one of them. She Who Is Insane isn't the scariest among them but only because she keeps shooting herself in the foot every time she sticks it in her mouth (man I hope I'm the first one to mix those metaphors when talking about her). Frothy Mix is still crazy, but never stood an ice cube's chance down Dolly's cleavage. The two who really scare me are the craziest of all. You've got Spooky Mormon Hell Dream -- I forget who, but some comedian said the LDS was the only religion founded as an excuse for having an affair with a waitress. We know how much the LDS just loves the LGBT community. I put Mormons with Scientologists; Jehova's Witnesses and Zoastrans at "High" on  the Religion Looniness Scale (And just so you know - there is no "Low" on that scale.) Then there's the scariest Repugnican candidate in history, He Who Has No Soul. The anti-Obama incarnate, the unctuous Texas governor has shown a blatant disregard for the separation of Church and State. His anti-LGBT opinions are well-known and he panders to the fears of the uneducated. Doesn't the Bible say something about many being fooled by those who proclaim to follow Christ?  I do love this, though:

Now that was funny.

And so is this: My sister sent an email yesterday.

"HEMA is a Dutch Department store. The first store opened on November 4, 1926 in Amsterdam. Now there are over 150 stores all over the Netherlands.Take a look at HEMA's product page (catalog). Just wait a few seconds and watch what happens. DON'T click on anything in the picture; just wait... This company has a sense of humor and great (web-designer), who has too much time on his (or her) hands."

I changed "computer programmer" to "web-designer, because this is definitely the work of a very talented and creative web designer. I also added "(or her)" because there's no indication of the artist's sex just by looking at the page.

My sister's email then instructed me to "Click on the link below." I did and was just delighted by what I found there. I shared this on Facebook earlier, but want to you to see it, too. It's perfectly safe for work and kids -- in fact, kids will probably love it. Please enjoy the HEMA product page.

Finally, this trailer for a movie I'm just not sure about, We Bought a Zoo. I love the cast (the little girl is freakin' adorbz), but really? Director Cameron Crowe (whose films I usually love) transplants the memoir of British author Benjamin Mee to southern California in story about a man who gives up on the rat race and  'accidentally' buys a zoo. It could be an amazing family film from one the best directors working today, or it could be a treakly bit of twaddle from a director who should have known better. You get no help deciding which from the trailer:

What do you think?

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