Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AGT: The Winner?

Like most fans of "America's Got Talent" I was hardly surprised that Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. won the top spot tonight, His smooth, Sinatraesque vocals were a pleasant surprise at his first audition and his transformation from car-wash attendant to singing sensation was easily the most predictable among the dozens of contestants paraded before the judges this season. Landau is undoubtedly talented and deserved to win. The man has a velvet voice, a humbleness that is truly inspiring and a rags-to-riches story that rivals Cinderella's.

What shocked me was the Second Place winners; Silhouettes, a group of young dancers who stole their concept from professional dance troupe Pilobolus and pandered to the current wave of misguided right-wing jingoism in almost every routine they performed.

Feh! I don't understand how both the judges and the voters were fooled by these conceptual thieves. If I were Pilobolus, I would sue them for Intellectual Property infringement. There is no way that Silhouettes was better than the completely original and amazing Team iLuminate, who combined dance, light and computer technology to create often breathtaking images.

Wow! I would love to see this troupe perform live.

Of course, young underdogs POPLYFE gave it their all. And while lead singer Kehlani wasn't at her best during last night's Queen tribute, they proved themselves a force to be reckoned with in earlier performances featuring The Beatles and The Jackson 5.

I take consolation in knowing that Team iLuminate and POPLYFE both have great futures ahead of them in the entertainment industry. 

"America's Got Talent" is the only "reality" show that I watch. The acts are often horrible and occasionally brilliant. This season was the best yet and I have no shame in admitting that I love this show.

More, anon.

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