Friday, September 9, 2011

Pasta & Tipsy Mini-Golf

Long time readers may remember a similar tale of myself and my dearest friends, K, Q & Dale attending the 4H Fair after the three of them had been imbibing all afternoon. As the only sober person, I drove and laughed myself silly as they tried to navigate the Fun House.

Tonight, the four of us got together and had a delicious meal at a local Italian restaurant, where once again, the three of them had wine all through dinner and I (by choice) remained sober. We then headed to a nearby miniature golf course, not unlike the one pictured here. Of course, this place had some rather challenging holes which included some daunting hills, a shot that looped around and back under itself and water hazards galore. I have to say, for a bunch of Senior Tour players, we didn't do too badly. Dale and I each shot a hole in one on two different holes, but I had more fun watching the three of them tipsily make their way through the increasingly difficult course, giggling at the ridiculousness of it all. Thankfully, it was later in the evening and we were the last group on the course, so we weren't holding anyone up behind us (except the poor fellow in the "pro-shop" who had to wait to close up until we were done). K and I even got the bonus hole and won free games. 

It was one of those all-too-rare evenings with some of my favorite people in the world, having some inexpensive fun (and getting a little exercise to boot). After the weird and awful weather we've had this summer, it was just great to be outside, having a great time. Of course, if there had been a hole like this one, it might have been even better:

I hope all you have a great weekend.

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