Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Too Pooped to Peep

I'm actually attempting to get a decent night's sleep tonight, so I won't be up to my usual mayhem and/or nonsense.

I got home from work, gulped down a turkey hoagie (sub, grinder, hero or whatever you might call it in your region of the country or world) and rushed off to a Top Girls production meeting before rehearsal. I came home after yet another terrific rehearsal (Thespis somehow continues to smile on me when it comes to amazing casts) and zapped through last night's "AGT" (please - no spoilers from tonight's results show, thank you) and then sat down to read email, glance at Facebook and write this quickie blog entry.

I really am so very tired... How tired? I'll let Lily Von Schtupp say it (or rather, sing it) for me:

Man, I miss Madeline... talk about comic timing!

I am off to bed early (for me, anyway) in the hope of getting a full 8 hours for once. I hope this evening finds all of you and yours well-rested. I'll be posting about ghosts, tomorrow... Boo!

More, anon.

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