Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Gayest Things I Saw Last Week

Warning: This entire post may be NSFW. That having been said...

The photo to your left (via) is either Marilyn Manson's younger brother, Margot or Alan Cumming in The Rocky Horror Show. Or a gay vampire wedding portrait. Or a boy crying so hard over being left at the altar that his mascara ran. Or... well, I am sure you have jokes of your own to insert... (heh-heh - he said "insert").

I'm still trying to get my bearings after returning from vacation and I have a lot of catching up to do. Of course, diving right into another directorial project doesn't help... I've just about recovered from Sordid Lives and was actually considering auditioning for a role in a musical (yes, Uncle P sings when it's warranted) when Top Girls sort of landed in my lap. In fact, I had a brainstorming/casting session with my producer earlier tonight.

And while I am always on the lookout for topics to blog about, I don't always get to use everything I've come across in a given week.

Al Gore's "Current TV" cable channel has a regular segment on its "Infomania" show called "That's Gay," in which they regularly make fun idiots who still believe that being gay is "life choice." In the most recent clip (via), our unnamed gay host talks about the progress gays have made in video games?

Hmm. Despite the progress the LGBT community has made in recent years, it seems the video gaming industry still has quite a way to catch up...

And of course, gay parodies of Katy Perry's song "California Girls" have been popping up all over the place:

Sorry about that. Still, while this may not exactly be gay, it hit close to home for this Pennsylvania Boy (though they make no mention of very gay Bucks County):

And then there's this rather hilarious clip from The Second City, "Lesbian Cougars:"

Ew! Not to disparage our Lesbian sisters, but...

And finally, (via) comes this hilarious essay on Christwire about Fag Hags (you know you have one).

Have I missed anything from last week? I'm sure I have... Let me know. You know I love your comments.

More, anon.

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