Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Gayest Things You'll See This Week

Obviously, the cartoon on your right isn't exactly current, though it disturbs me (as it should you) that we're still having the same conversation 10 years after this cartoon was drawn.

I'm still gathering my thoughts on the recent events in California regarding Prop H8 and the many battles we have yet to face in a country where ignorance and bigotry are still the norm (and how sad is that?). I just want to know how, what is supposed to be the most advanced country in world is still having this debate. But why am asking you? If you're reading this blog, you're most likely on the right side, no matter what your sexual orientation might be.

So, before I go all nutso political on y'all, I thought I'd treat you to some music and dance. Gay music and dance, that is... Both of the clips below are via Towleroad, one of the most eclectic LGBT blogs on the web. Andy Towle and his team seem to find the most relevant and interesting topics of interest which include everything from news that directly impacts the LGBT community, to science, music, film, theatre, art and whatever else they think is noteworthy. Of course, sometimes Andy just lets go and posts something fun and sexy.

First up, the latest from openly gay rapper Cazwell, "Ice Cream Truck" (may be NSFW):

Obviously, Caz and his buddies are not buying from Mr. Softee... (and no, I will not apologize for that joke).

Next, something from "So You Think You Can Dance." Now, I am not a fan of most "reality" TV shows. I despise "Big Brother;" "The Bachelor/Bachelorette;" "Survivor" and almost everything on Bravo, MTV and VH1. My two exceptions (and guilty pleasures) are Kathy Griffin's "My Life on D-List" (so trashy, dirty and just downright funny) and "America's Got Talent." AGT appeals to me because it's open to anyone with any kind of "talent" and I was very pleased to see that my current favorite contestant, opera singer Prince Poppycock, moved on to the Semi-Finals this week. The man is not only very attractive, very gay and very talented, but his voice (much like Susan Boyle's) can bring me to tears (the good kind) and he's the first contestant in five seasons for whom I have actually felt compelled to vote (though I am still kicking myself for not voting for Barbara Padilla, last season).

Anyway, here's a very gay dance number from this week's episode of "SYTYCD:"

Hell, they might as well have done a full-on Apache Dance (also probably NSFW):

Okay - give me a minute to catch my breath... That's better.

Do you think they stuff?

Wow - I just blogged way out of my Public Comfort Zone (though well within my personal one). Another TMI moment from Yours Truly...

More, anon.

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Stephen Chapman said...

It's a good cartoon and MIGHT make people think a bit.