Wednesday, August 4, 2010

M. Night Made Me Do It

I've decided to wait to talk about today's Prop H8 decision... If you've read my previous posts about this issue, you know I have plenty to say.. but I want to take my time with that post, because I have so much more to say on that topic...

Instead, I thought I'd talk about yet another upcoming horror movie that has piqued my interest, Devil.

Now, I know I've been hard on M. Night Shyamalan and his many recent failures. But I actually liked The Sixth Sense, despite figuring out the 'big surprise' long before the reveal. And I thought the understated performance from the anti-Semitic Mel Gibson in Signs was truly amazing (a friend who has been on set with him, reports that Shyamalan is actually very talented when it comes to getting his actors to give great performances). But I absolutely hate everything else he has made. Seemingly spending all his attention on his "Hey! Look at me directing!" weird camera angles (Unbreakable), Shyamalan's films suffer from ridiculous plotting, lame dialog and supremely unrealistic characters. I actually stood up at the end of The Village and booed the screen. And I simply refused to see The Happening.

Still - Devil is not written or directed by him. He is producing and did write the story on which Brian Nelson (Hard Candy; 30 Days of Night) based his screenplay. And I must admit, the premise is original, if nothing else. Five strangers are trapped on an elevator, one of whom is Satan. Simple and to the point.

Devil stars plenty of character actors you've seen dozens of times, and a few folks you wouldn't know from Adam, which may very well be in its favor. Directed by the Dowdle brothers (Quarantine), Devil certainly looks like good, gruesome fun:

"Turn on the lights!" indeed. Devil is scheduled for release on September 17th.

More, anon.

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