Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About Me, For a Change

Since childhood, I (like so many Americans) have struggled with weight issues. In 1996, while directing a production of Romeo and Juliet in which I also played Friar Laurence, I went on a strict diet and exercise program, resulting in a 70 lb loss. I looked (if I do say so myself) and felt terrific.
Of course, since then I have gained it all (plus more) back. Last year, I joined Weight Watchers at work. I lost close to 20 lbs and then got bored. Over last winter, I gained much of those 20 lbs back. It made me sick and angry. This year, I am determined to get rid of the flab once and for all.
Using what I learned from previous regimens and WW, I put myself on a new diet. All grains must be whole; all foods must be low-fat and high protein. Currently, my knee issues make it all but impossible to get back on the treadmill (10 minutes of walking result in 48 hours of pain). But I've truly changed my eating habits. I eat smaller portions of high-fiber, low-fat, high-protein foods in several small meals about 5 times a day. I am rarely actually "hungry' and find I have more energy.
The real payoff, however, came today.
I have been wearing shorts every day this summer (mostly to show off the fabulous new ink on my left calf). The shorts all have elastic waistbands with drawstrings (my day job allows for very casual attire). Today, the weather in the Northeast was particularly cool and I decided to wear jeans for the first time in several months. I put the jeans on and found loads of room in the waistband, prompting me to use a belt for the first time since May. To my surprise and delight, I had to move up one notch on my belt! Yay! The last time I was weighed (about a month ago) I had lost 16 lbs. I can't wait to go back to my doctor now and see how much more I have lost.
Hopefully, once my Synvisc treatments are complete, I will once again be able to jump on the treadmill and lose even more. This is honestly the best day of this summer since the final performance of The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.
Should you care? No. But I just had to crow a little.
More, anon.


Mrs. Pine H. said...

well i should care b/c im your friend and i am always all for your happiness! go you! i am getting on it as well since the bmaid dress that i am so lovingly fitting into next weekend was not incentive enough for me to make the scales tip a bit less. you should be proud of yourself- and i must say diet is really 80 percent of it...this coming from lots of reading from useful and correct sources and my old trainer in LA. and yes, LA, but he was good in the fitness dept. now the relationship one, naaaaah...haha anyways, perhaps we can celebrate us being on the road to healthier versions of ourselves sometime soon- love you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and keep up the good work! It's all about health, looks are just a benefit.