Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Gayest Thing(s) You'll See This Week

Don't ask me what Mitt Romney has to do with it (other than Mormon homophobia, I suppose), I just thought it an amusing image -- but that has nothing to do with this post, which is about celebrating all things gay. And by all things, I mean silly gay boys doing silly things on camera and posting them on YouTube.

For me, the trend really started with Shane Mercado and his racy bedroom version of Beyonce's Single Ladies., which I talked about in my very first "Gayest Thing" post, way back when. It's a great song that I never tire of hearing or of seeing new versions and parodies.

Next, was this fellow's bath towel-clad version of Kelly Clarkson's I Do Not Hook Up. Classic and very funny, especially as he continually needs to adjust the towel.

Then, a few weeks ago, (via) I saw this fan-made vid for Miley Cyrus' "Party in the FIP," by several scantily-clad silly gay boys on Fire Island:

I guess they're sort of cute. They sure look like they were having fun. the song itself is sort bland, though. Everything one might expect from Billy Ray's girl (and as you know, Billy Ray sported the most magnificent mullet in all of redneck history).

Then a friend sent me a video by a group of silly gay boys in Asbury Park, NJ (which is quickly becoming the Fire Island/Provincetown/New Hope of New Jersey. Here is the gay version of Ms Hot Mess Whitney Huston's Million Dollar Bill:

Okay. There were some cute silly gay boys in that video, too. And s lightly better song. I hate most of today's pop music, so what do I know? Further proof of my looming obsolescence, I suppose.

Then today, (also via) comes news of group from South Central L.A., gayin' up the slums. Here is Spice Boys 5 performing Stop:

Oh, dear. Grim and not adorable at all. What's wrong with the silly gay boys in da hood? Still, pretty gay, eh?

And to end on a not-so-gay note, a movie I have waited nearly two years to see is finally being released on DVD; dircetor Michael Dougherty's horror anthology Trick 'r Treat. Those have seen it, rave about it (and I hate them). Anyway, Yahoo Movies has the newest trailer here. I can't wait!

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