Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Grossest Thing You'll See this Week

I owe you an apology in advance. I wasn't going to post tonight - I've been trying to catch up on other things, and then there is the show I'm in. But then, I came across this:

Good Lord! Is this what the Internet has brought us to? I expect the Information Age will in the future be known as the Too Much Information Age. I didn't need to see this exceptionally fat man's titties (nor did you, for that matter), but there they are; on display for the whole world to see and judge. Apparently, Chuck Barris was ahead of his time. The Internet is the new Gong Show, with any manner of whackadoo displaying his or her talents online for the whole world to see and judge. And judge we will. Because the rest of us are perfect Tens who never do anything embarrassing or distasteful in public.

But at least we don't put it online for everyone who has an ISP to see. Yeesh!

More, anon.

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