Thursday, October 30, 2008

Zebina Laid an Egg

Well, five, actually.

The lovebirds had been acting funny ever since I provided them with a box of "nesting material" from my local pet store. Zebadiah ignored it for a week. Then I noticed him with a beakful of it one day, and watched as he flew into the little wicker nest I had bought when I first bought Zebina. Soon, I began to see Zebina fly into the nest for the first time. Soon, the wicker palace was a soft and cozy nest for two.

For the last several days, only one of them would leave the nest at a time and I began to be especially suspicious when I noticed he was out much more often than she was. Tonight, for the first time in days, they both came out at the same time and I had visual confirmation of what I thought was happening all along: five tiny white, Jelly-Belly-sized eggs lay on the floor of the nest. I'm so excited, because it happened much faster than I thought it would. Ay, me! Bird love! I'll keep you posted. In any event, would you like a Zebra Finch?

More of this, anon!

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